Better Health for Everyone

A healthy community is a happy community. And that’s why we’re working to create better health across the country through our Healthy Communities initiative. By joining forces with us, you can help to boost the wellbeing of your community through physical, mental and social activity.

Whether you’re an individual, community group, sporting club, large or small business, there are plenty of ways to get involved.

Have a look at our programmes and what we offer to see which suit you best and find out how you can create better health in your community.

Better health for me

Better Health for Me

We have the activities and classes to help you help yourself. In our Better Health for Me programme and in partnership with the Better Health campaign, you’ll find options such as taster classes, health checks and online workouts to help you reach your individual goals and improve your health.

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Community Stories

Each month, we share stories from our healthy communities that highlight how we have supported individuals and groups to get back to better health. Be inspired to help your community become healthier or discover new ways you could partner with us.

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Community Groups & Schools

We invest our energies into working with community groups, schools and partners to support the small changes that lead to big differences.

Whether you’re a parent, teacher, student or part of a community group, we can work with you to introduce a range of activities needed to create an active and healthy lifestyle.

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Workplace Health

Improving the physical and mental health of your employees and colleagues fosters a good work-life balance and can help your workforce feel happier, more productive and valued. We can work with your company to develop strategies that support the physical, financial and emotional wellbeing of your employees, so everyone can enjoy better health.

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Sports Clubs

From football to diving, we help to introduce many more people through training programmes, clubs and sponsorships. We work with individuals and teams who are starting out all the way to becoming budding athletes to help them reach their true potential.

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