Meet our community

Our members are the heartbeat of everything we do.

Whether it's social, physical, or mental, everyone has their own motivation for being active. We speak to members from across our community to hear more about their fitness journey and the positive impact exercise has had on their lives.

Meet Mark

For me to get back into a fitness environment mentally, it's a massive buzz.

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Meet Kimberley

Exercise makes me feel like I've accomplished something other than just sitting at my desk and working all day.

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Meet Limi

It makes me feel happy that I'm taking control of my body and it empowers me.

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Meet Kirsty

Exercise makes me feel empowered. It makes me feel confident and strong in terms of how it affects my daily life as well. 

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Meet Mari

It has built up my self-confidence and what my body and mind are capable of doing. It is a big mental space - it’s my time. 

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Meet Kyle

I found that actually my body can do a lot of things that people wouldn't expect – and that's why I enjoy exercise and sport.

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Meet Laura

Exercise makes me feel good about myself.  I’ve found that my confidence has improved since coming to the gym. 

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Meet Belinda

I enjoy all of it, the social, mental, physical - the feeling strong, the feeling exhausted after you've trained...

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Meet Steve

It frees up headspace for me, it's a way to offload and helps me manage my mental health.

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Meet Sarah

For me, being active means independence, it means I can do the things I want when I want to do them...

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Meet Alan

I love coming to the gym! I can get up with a purpose, I'm going somewhere, I'm going to do exercises, I'm going to talk to people. I'm going to meet people I'm going to do the best thing in the world to keep myself fit.

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Meet the Lido Ladies

I love the social side, I love meeting people, listening to their stories, understanding why they're motivated to swim in particular outdoors because it's not for everybody...

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Our Better Stories podcast profiles the diverse individuals that make up our Better Community.  From elite athletes aiming for the Olympics, to community fundraisers and those who have overcome huge personal challenges to reach their goals. Listen and be inspired.