The perfect start for a better you

Give It A Go is here to help you take that first step to being more healthy or your first steps after being away from physical activity for a period of time. It’s never too late and before you know it, you’ll wonder why you waited so long!

The Give it A Go programme supports you to become more physically active. Following a referral from the GP, a social prescriber or as part of a community group, you'll be given a six week programme with a range of tailored activities to simply give it a go. At the end of the six weeks, you'll feel more confident to find the right activities to keep you moving. 


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How do I join?

There are three ways to join the Give it a Go programme:

- a referral via your GP
- a referral via a social prescriber
- a referral as part of a community group.

Throughout the six-week programme, you'll get inclusive access to our gyms, swimming pools, and fitness classes at a cost of £30 (peak) or £25 (off-peak). 

How does it work?

Once you've been accepted via a referral to the Give it a Go programme, you will be invited to book a Give it a Go Induction with a Fitness Instructor. They will help you explore your motivation and see how confident you are when it comes to being active. You'll receive an individually tailored physical activity action plan which will offer the opportunity to try a number of different activities throughout the  6-week programme. These will include:

Additionally, you will be able to able speak to the instructors during the Ask the Instructor gym sessions. 

At the end of the 6-week programme comes the Give it a Go Final Assessment, where the Fitness Instructor will ask for feedback on the activity plan and evaluate the goals originally set. You'll get a chance to discuss any barriers encountered over the past 6 weeks, and feel more confident in what motivates you to keep physically active.  

Gym - Ask the Instructor

During these 1-hour  sessions, a Fitness Instructor will be available on the gym floor for you to ask questions.  During the session, the Fitness Instructor can make small adjustments to your activity plan and/or gym workout plan but, if you want a more detailed review of your plan, you should book a re-focus session instead. All Give it a Go members will be able to book into the sessions, even if they don’t need to speak to a Fitness Instructor; they can just attend the gym.