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Whether you’re looking for a strength and balance-building Pilates class or want to feel the benefits of a low-impact cardio workout with a Tai Chi session, our Mind and Body classes will help you feel revived and refreshed.

New to exercise? Our Mind and Body Basics classes involve a range of  exercises for beginners, seniors or those looking to build their confidence in the gym and boost their fitness.

So, whether you’re looking to improve your mobility or add time for meditation and reflection into your daily routine, these group low impact workout classes are a great option for everyone, no matter your ability level.

From Yoga to Mindfulness, take a look at our Mind and Body classes to find the right low impact fitness class for you.

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Our Mind and Body Classes



Best for: Low-impact, mobility, and strength

Gently train your physique and improve core strength in a calming atmosphere with Pilates. Combining a range of low impact cardio and strength exercises, this class will teach you focus and muscle control as you transition smoothly between movements to build a revived and resilient you.

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yoga class


Best for: Wellbeing, mobility and total body conditioning

Embrace the flow of natural body movements to develop strength, flexibility and a peaceful state of mind. Helping you develop strength and balance, Yoga classes combine movement and meditation to improve your mental and physical health.

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mindfulness class - group


Best for: Relaxation and wellbeing

Get in touch with your mental state through a series of guided meditations. This relaxing, self-focused class will help you make time for reflection during your daily life and understand the importance of being still and living in the moment.

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tai chi class

Tai Chi

Best for: Wellbeing, mobility and total body conditioning

Focus, breathing and relaxation – a blissful combination that’ll have you feeling better inside and out. Tai Chi is based on deep breathing exercises, slow and gentle movements for a low impact workout that’ll exercise your body and mind.

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Our basics classes

Build the right foundations with our Adult Basics and Junior classes. 

Our Adult Basic Classes combine simpler movements, like stretches and core strengthening exercises. Suitable for beginners and seniors alike, these classes are ideal for those new to fitness or returning to the gym after a break.

For Juniors (aged 11-16), you’ll find Junior Classes, which are specifically designed for teenagers wanting to build their confidence and foundations of fitness in a friendly community.

“There is a misconception that flexibility is mandatory to do yoga… But in reality, you can be any age, gender or level of fitness to benefit from yoga.” – Ravi, a Better Yoga teacher

yoga pose

The Benefits of Mind and Body Classes

  • Sleep betterGet a good night’s sleep by regularly attending classes that include gentle exercise and meditation time, like Yoga.
  • Stress less Feeling stressed out? Low impact cardio exercises releases endorphins in your body. And when combined with mindfulness techniques helps you reduce stress levels and relax.
  • Improve your mobility  Most of these low impact fitness classes involve stretching and flexibility exercises, which can boost your mobility and help you gradually get stronger and fitter.
  • Become part of a community - Meet like-minded people in a friendly and welcoming environment at our group Mind and Body classes.

Ready to start feeling better inside and out? Book a Mind and Body class today through our website or via the Better UK app

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