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Aqua Aerobics

Best for: Low-impact, mobility and total body conditioning

If you’re looking for a low-impact class that will help you tone up, why not try one of our Aqua Aerobics classes?

Aqua aerobics, is a form of gentle exercise done in water. These classes are suitable for everyone - regardless of age or ability - combining aqua aerobic exercises with strength and conditioning moves to give you a full body workout.

Water aerobics classes offer a fun way to exercise in the water that’ll get your heart pumping without putting pressure on your joints. 

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Our Aqua Aerobics Classes

Whether you’re already comfortable in the pool or have never tried a form of water aerobics before, our range of classes are suitable for any ability level.

Aqua Aerobics

Level: All abilities | Duration: 60 minutes

Suitable for people of all fitness abilities, our invigorating aqua fit classes provide all the benefits of a great workout, as well as being lots of fun. You’ll be able to gradually build up strength and stamina with this low-impact class, and you don’t even need to be able to swim, as all exercises take place in the shallow end of the swimming pool.

Aqua Aerobics Basics

Level: Beginners | Duration: 60 minutes
Offering simpler movements at a lower intensity, our Aqua Aerobics Basics classes are perfect for people just starting their fitness journey, those looking to build confidence, or those recovering from injury. These Water Aerobics classes for beginners and seniors will keep you fit without putting pressure on your joints, making them a great low-impact option.

Deep Aqua Aerobics

Level: Confident swimmer | Duration: 60 minutes

Although similar to our all-levels class, this deep water Aqua Aerobics session requires you to be a strong and confident swimmer since it takes place in the deep end of pool and requires the use of buoyancy aids. Much like regular pool aerobics, this deep water aqua fit class provide a full body workout, designed to increase fitness and get your heart pumping.

Please note you must be able to swim to attend this class.

What are the Benefits of Aqua Aerobics?

Whether you’re looking for a fun new hobby, want to burn calories or are just looking to keep active, water aerobics is a great form of exercise that anyone can do.

Some of the benefits of aqua aerobics include:

  • A full body workout - by doing water aerobics, your balance, agility and endurance will improve overall, making these water-based classes a great activity for people returning to exercise or just starting out.
  • Toned muscles – the combination of water and light weights provide resistance so you have to work harder than you would out of the water.
  • Low-impact exercises - aqua aerobic exercises tend to be kind to joints, making this a great class for those recovering from injury.
  • Great for mobility – over time, your joint mobility will improve, as the water supports most of your weight, so you can work out gently, yet intensely.
  • Fun and social –taught within a group and to the beat of uplifting tunes, you’ll enjoy your workout, and it won’t even feel like exercise!

Aqua Aerobics FAQs

How do I find a water aerobics class near me?

Bookings for our Aqua Aerobics can be made via the Better UK app or through our website. Not all our centres offer fitness class, so check your local centre’s website or ask a member of staff.

What to Bring to an Aqua Aerobics class?

While you don’t need any special equipment for one of our aqua aerobics classes, remember to bring what you would usually take when you go swimming: a swimming costume or shorts, and a towel. Any resistance weights used during the class will be provided.

Water shoes and googles are optional, but don’t forget to bring a water bottle to hydrate after the class.

Is water aerobics good for building muscle?

While mainly a cardio-based exercise option, the resistance of being in the water will help to build muscles and increase your strength. To push yourself even further, try adding some light weights or attending one of our Deep Aqua Aerobics classes.

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