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Best for: A full body workout, cardio fitness and endurance

If you want fast results in a class full of like-minded people of all ages and abilities, our group HIIT sessions could be for you.

HIIT, or High Intensity Interval Training, is a form of high intensity cardio that involves working in short bursts (intervals) with rests in between. Our HIIT classes can last 30 minutes and are made up of 60 second intervals that alternate between activity and rest time. Session are usually short and intense, making HIIT an ideal option for those who want to work out but have minimal time on their hands.

Combining a variety of HIIT exercises to keeping sessions fun and exciting, our classes are also led by passionate instructors who will guide you through the movements and help you reach your fitness goals.

So, if you're short on time but still want an effective workout, we have a range of HIIT classes that will get your heart pumping.

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Our HIIT classes

From interval training for beginners to longer workout sessions, take a look at our range of HIIT classes to find the right one for you.


Level: All abilities | Duration: 30 mins 
Get a full body workout in a fraction of the time with this all-levels HIIT class. Enjoy a range of interval exercises that will work different muscles throughout your body. Add weights to up the intensity and push yourself to achieve your fitness goals.

HIIT basics

Level: Beginners | Duration: 30 mins
With simpler movements and lower intensity options, this HIIT training class is perfect for people starting their fitness journey, older adults and anyone looking to build confidence. Push yourself with quick bursts of exercise, followed by longer recovery periods that will keep your heart rate up and improve your overall fitness.

What are the benefits of HIIT training classes?

HIIT cardio sessions allow you to get a great workout in a short space of time – but that’s not all. Here are some of the other main benefits of doing a HIIT workout:

  • Build muscle – as you work through the intervals during a HIIT session, your muscles will be engaged and get stronger over time. Some exercises also use weights to help tone and condition your muscles.
  • Stay motivated – unlike other fitness classes, HIIT sessions are usually short and intense, helping you stay motivated throughout the quick class. Also, working out in a group setting can boost your motivation as you train together.
  • Exercise in a safe and friendly environment – new to HIIT? Getting back into exercise? Not sure which interval comes next? Whatever your questions or concerns, our instructors will help you perform the exercises correctly to prevent injury and get results. 


What to Bring to a HIIT Class?

When you attend a HIIT class at Better, there are some things you may like to bring with you.

A water bottle is great for staying hydrated as you work out and we have plenty of water fountains at our centres for easy refilling. These classes are designed to make you break a sweat so you may also like to bring a small towel.

What should I wear for HIIT training?

High interval training is all about moving so make sure you wear comfortable sports clothing that won’t get in your way. You’ll also need a pair of trainers with good grip.

Is HIIT training an effective workout?

Despite the short duration, HIIT classes are definitely an effective form of exercise! By working your whole body and a healthy dose of cardio, our HIIT sessions provide a great workout even though they are shorter than other classes. To see the best results, attending a HIIT class two/three times a week, drink lots of water and follow a healthy diet.

Is HIIT good for seniors?

HIIT sessions provide a great high intensity cardio workout for everyone, no matter your age or ability level. If you’re a beginner or a senior, our HIIT Basics classes involve simpler movements and plenty of low impact variations so that you can get to grips with the basics and still get a great workout without pushing yourself too hard.

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