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Best for: Strength training, cardio and overall fitness

Get your heart racing and feel the burn with Boxfit. Boxfit is a high-intensity cardio workout based on boxing techniques using gloves and pad work. Suitable for all levels, this non-contact workout will you improve your agility, strength and overall fitness.

Guided by a trained instructor, you'll work through a range of cardio exercises all focusing on fitness and toning your muscles, especially your arms and core.

So, whether you’re a beginner at the start of your fitness journey or are looking to switch up your exercise routine, we have a range of Boxfit classes across the UK for every ability level.

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Our Boxfit Classes

Boxing for fitness is a great exercise option for everyone, helping you boost your strength, endurance and cardio fitness. Train your way to fighting fitness with one of our Boxfit classes.


Level: All abilities | Duration: 60 mins

If you want an energising full-body session that’ll have you working up a sweat, join us at Boxfit. Combining boxing moves with aerobic cardio exercises, get your heart rate up in a non-competitive environment. Whether you’re practicing one-two punch combinations or working through movements with an instructor, enjoy exercising in a friendly and motivating environment.

Boxfit Basics

Level: All abilities Duration: 60 mins

With simpler movements and lower intensity options, this Boxfit class is perfect for people starting their fitness journey, seniors and anyone looking to add some boxing strength training into their workout routine. Combine boxing moves with invigorating aerobic exercise for a great all-over workout.

What are the benefits of Boxfit classes?

Boxfit is a great fitness class for developing speed, agility and power, as well as boosting your overall fitness. Here are some other amazing benefits of Boxfit classes:

  • Full body conditioning our Boxfit classes combine punches and cardio movements to help you pick up the pace, improve your reaction times and work out your whole body in one session
  • Build stamina - cardio plus high-intensity moves will get your heart rate going and help you stay active for longer
  • Bust stress and build confidence the high-intensity exercises will help you release endorphins as you go – you’ll be surprised by how good it feels to pack a punch on the pads
  • Stay motivated - not only will you have fun, but you'll meet new people and your self-esteem will soar. Now how's that for motivation?

Boxfit FAQs

What do I bring to a Boxfit class?

Our Boxfit classes are designed to be suitable for everyone. That’s why we provide all of the equipment you might need during a class. Boxing pads and gloves are supplied but feel free to bring a pair of your own.

Since you’ll be moving a lot, wear suitable activewear, and bring a bottle of water to class with you – you can fill this up for free around the centre.

You'll definitely be working up a sweat, so you may also want to keep a towel handy.

What is Boxfit good for?

Boxing fitness is the best for building muscles and working out your entire body. Boxfit is perfect for strengthening key muscle groups and improving your physical fitness, as well as working on your speed and agility as you move through the drills.

How do I start boxing for fitness?

While they may seem intimidating at first, our Boxfit classes are designed for every ability and fitness level and if it’s your first time throwing punches, our Boxfit Basics class is a good introduction to the sport.

Bookings for these classes can be made via the Better UK app or on our website.

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