From the minute you access using facial recognition software, you will realise you have entered the future of fitness.  Better Gym Belfast is one of the most technologically advanced fitness facilities in UK and Ireland.  Not only is the equipment we have installed top of the range, but the software we use to insure you get the most out of your training is nothing short of revolutionary. 

Indoor Cycle Studio

Our Indoor Cycle studio uses Group Cycle™ Connect - the world’s first and only indoor cycling bike that tracks workout, enabling users to improve their performance through a totally immersive riding experience. It combines unique design with cutting-edge connectivity, an immersive feeling and complete ease of use.

Group Exercise Studio

Whatever your fitness goals are, you will enjoy working out in our main studio space.  Our timetable offer a range of instructor led and virtual classes which are fun, interactive and will get your heart pumping. 

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Safe Cycle Store

We're committed to making Belfast more active, more often.  So why not travel into the city by bike?

As a Better Gym Belfast member you can gain entry to our 40 station safe cycle store from Pottingers' Entry.  

Whether you're travelling to work or just enjoying a day out, you'll feel better going by bike.

We are proud to support Sustrans - the organisation helping promote active travel for everyday journeys.

Interactive Technology and Wellness

With intuitive touchscreen navigation, you can visualise your workout programme, work out programme and watch your favourite TV channels.

By creating a mywellness account, you will be able to access your exercise and lifestyle data at any time. To find out more about setting up a mywellness account, ask a member of staff