1. I understand that the activities I may participate in will expose me to many hazards and involve the risk of property damage and loss and even personal injury, illness
  2. Whilst Lee Valley White Water Centre will take all reasonable steps to ensure my safety, I understand that they cannot be held liable for my own actions, for which I must take responsibility, or for those of a third party
  3. I understand that whilst Lee Valley White Water Centre will provide me with help and advice whenever they can, I will only receive instruction in the use of equipment or techniques when I have booked and paid for such instruction. I will not participate in any activity unsupervised if I am not confident and capable in the use of any of the equipment or course
  4. I am of a standard that will enable me to competently and safely paddle the Olympic or Legacy Course
  5. I have walked the course and I understand the level of the flow and the difficulty at Lee Valley White Water Centre
  6. I am confident swimming in moving water
  7. My PPE buoyancy aid, helmet, clothing and personal craft are appropriate for use at LVWWC and they fit correctly
  8. I have read and agree to abide by the Lee Valley White Water Centre Rules and Regulations (posted in reception and around the centre and available on request)
  9. I have been able to read the relevant Terms and Conditions and agree with these
  10. I do not have any medical conditions or illnesses that would prevent me from taking part in canoeing and/or kayaking on sheltered or moving water. I am sufficiently fit, able and competent to paddle on grade 3/4 moving water (i.e. difficult conditions requiring expertise of manoeuvring with strong currents) and participate in activities