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Jay Kilshaw, Assistant Manager at Lee Valley Athletics Centre, has had an astonishingly varied career, both as an athlete and as a coach, and is passionate about motivating others to achieve their own health and fitness goals. What’s the secret to his success and what would his advice be to other folks dreaming of working in this field?

He began his sporting journey in martial arts, achieving junior dan grade at the age of eleven and moving on to teaching other kids when he was twelve. At the same time, he was pursuing a career in football with Norwich City, Tottenham Hotspur, Southend United, and Leyton Orient until the age of sixteen. Unbelievably, he also represented Great Britain in athletics during this time, specialising in the 400-metre distance.

Looking at ways to broaden his employment prospects, he decided to move into the health and fitness industry. After finishing his A levels, he took private fitness and personal training courses, eventually setting up his own gym in south-east London, which he ran until 2014.

“What excites me about working in this area is witnessing the remarkable transformations the human body can undergo,” Jay explains. “Despite years of neglect, with proper guidance and consistent training, individuals can experience week by week improvements in cardiovascular endurance, strength, flexibility, and overall physical wellbeing.”

He recommends a career in this field as it provides lots of opportunities to meet people, while at the same time maintaining your own physical wellbeing. It’s rewarding, he adds, to make a positive impact on others by helping them to live longer, healthier lives.

“But you also need dedication and a structured approach,” he advises. “Begin by immersing yourself in training and exercise, discovering an area of fitness that resonates with you and connecting with like-minded individuals. Identify your niche within the fitness industry, explore it thoroughly and stay open-minded.

“Even so, it's crucial to ask yourself whether you have the drive to continually expand upon this foundation, Jay carries on. “Staying true to your beliefs is paramount. Additionally, maintaining your own personal training through various means such as sports, gym workouts, or movement based fitness, is essential. Consistency in your own training is key to honing skills and staying abreast of developments in the field.”

Jay’s typical day at the Lee Valley Athletic Centre, he says, involves getting there early, opening the centre, engaging with members, instructing classes, and handling administrative tasks.

Not forgetting working alongside Team GB athletes training at the venue as well as helping host elite sprint and middle distance events featuring Olympic competitors throughout the year at Lee Valley Athletics Centre.

In future, he wants to keep developing his own skills while also continuing to support others and nurturing long term, supportive relationships with customers. 

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