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Welcome to the new Better Libraries website.
We hope that you will enjoy exploring the new Better Libraries experience, and accessing all of your library services in one place.
Currently our website is in Beta Testing mode, this is a phase where real users access a website to help identify bugs or errors that only occur with active use. This does mean that you may encounter these issues while using our new service.
Should you discover something that doesn’t quite look right, please get in touch with our Website Support team for assistance at website.support@gll.org
Where possible, please take a screenshot to help illustrate the issue, and supply which page the error occurs on, the easiest way to supply this information is by copying and pasting the address in your browser's address bar at the top of your screen, which starts http://www.better.org.uk/library.
Thank you for your patience while we transition to this new service.

During this transition period, new library users should continue to join the library via our legacy catalogue.


Learn about our library memberships, including how to join, what's included, and more. 
How much does a Dudley library membership cost?
We believe everyone should have access to their local library. That's why our library memberships are completely free*. All you need to do is sign up online or you can become a member by visiting one of our libraries. 

*Some items on our programme may come with an additional charge. Please ask at your local library.
How do I sign up for Dudley Libraries?
Signing up for Dudley libraries is easy. Simply sign up online or come to one of our branches with your ID. 

What's included in a Dudley Libraries membership?
Being a member of the library gives you access to borrow up to twenty books or media (DVDs and CDs) at a time and access to the Libby App where you'll find a whole world of online resources to enjoy. You'll also enjoy the ability to reserve and collect any item you want from our vast collection.
How do you cancel or renew your membership?
Renewing your membership is easy. Just phone or visit one of our branches and our staff will do the rest. If you wish to cancel your membership please let us know and we'll cancel it for you.

Want to know more about becoming a library member?

Dudley Library Memberships

My account

For all account-related queries, from logging in to password resets.
I forgot my library account password. How can I reset it?
Click on the "Forgot Password" link on the login page. Follow the instructions to reset your password. If you need further assistance, please contact library staff.
How old do you have to be to create a library account?
You can open a library account from birth.  
How can I update my contact information in my Dudley Libraries account?


Here you'll find everything about borrowing books, overdue loans and returns
How many items can I borrow at a time?
The standard limit is 20 items per library card. Check your account or inquire with library staff for specific details.

Can I extend my loan?
Yes, if the items you have on loan aren't needed elsewhere we can renew your books for you for a maximum of twelve times.

I've been charged for an overdue loan. What are my options?
You can pay fines at any one of our libraries. Please come and talk to us and we'll help you through the process and discuss options.

What is the maximum time limit for loans on the online catalogue?
Loans are all for four weeks from the time of issue, except for music and film which is two weeks. Loans can be renewed if required.

Fees and charges

Find out about the fees and additional charges for different services at Dudley libraries. 

What additional charges are at Dudley libraries?
There are additional charges of £1 for the hire CDs and £2 for the hire of DVDs.

How do overdue charges work?
All items have a date they need to be returned by, if not returned or renewed by this date overdue charges will start to accrue.

How can I pay fines for overdue items?
If you have a fine please come and talk to one of our team at any of our branches and we'll help to ensure it's paid.

I've been charged accidentally. What should I do?
If you believe you've been accidentally charged then please come and talk to one of our team at any of our branches.


Find out more about room hire, activity or event booking and cancellations at your local library.

How do you book a room?
Book a room using our room booking services. 

How can I book an event or activity at my library?
Go to the events and activities page and select your activity. 

How do you cancel library bookings?
You can cancel bookings by getting in touch with one of our team via phone or email.

Can I make bookings at other libraries in my area?
Yes, you can book into activities at any library in Dudley with your library card.


Still got a question? Find answers to other queries below. 

Can I return items to any Dudley library?
Yes.  You can return any Dudley Libraries item to any Dudley Library.

How can I find accessible facilities at my library?
Ask one of our staff for help, all libraries are designed to be accessible and we're more than happy to help.

How do you request stock?
If we haven't got what you're looking for then you can ask us to order it in. Come and talk to us if there is an item you'd like and if we will try and get it for you.

What payment system do Dudley libraries use?
All libraries can take cash or card

Can't find what you're looking for?

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