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Discover our library courses and research services. Read more about our educational courses, local historical archives, research tools and more. 

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We’re passionate about helping everyone develop their skill set, expand their curiosity or simply learn something new.

That’s why we have a range of library learning resources and research materials for both personal and academic use. With online publications and local history archives, you can explore your interests and read up on a range of subjects.
Want to learn a new skill? We also offer a variety of in-person and online skills courses covering a range of topics. From brushing up on your driving theory to improving your IT skills, find out what you can learn at your local library.

Browse learning and research services in our libraries below. 

Our library research services

Discover our  research services and resources, from online referencing tools to ancestry websites and archive services.

Online referencing tools - Bromley

Enjoy free access to a range of digital research tools, including encyclopedias and biographies, as a Bromley library member.
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Online referencing tools - Dudley

Dudley library members can use a variety of online referencing tools for free either at home or using a library computer.
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Online referencing tools - Greenwich

From newspaper archives to digital dictionaries, Greenwich library members can access a collection of online reference tools.
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Online referencing tools - Lincolnshire

If you're a Lincolnshire library member, you can access plenty of digital reference resources for study or personal use. 
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Online referencing tools - Wandsworth

Wandsworth library members are welcome to use our catalogue of online reference tools at the library or at home.
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Britannica Online

If you’re a library member, you can access the adult, student or junior edition of Britannica Online, a digital encyclopaedia with thousands of articles. 

Oxford Dictionaries

Access a range of reference tools online including Oxford Dictionaries and Oxford Bibliographies.

Access to Research

Using one of our library computers, you can read more than 30 million academic articles for free. 

Local and family history archives

Dive into the past with our range of digital archives and historical library research services. 

From free access to online ancestry resources and research tools to physical archive services run by our knowledgeable and friendly library staff, your local library can help you dig into your personal or local history.

Whether you’re studying or doing personal research, we’re here to help.
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Courses and skill development

Learn something new with our courses, classes and training sessions, including in-person sessions and online tools. 

Community IT sessions

Need help printing or scanning documents? Our library staff will help you learn these skills and become a confident computer user.

Career Active

If you’re a library member, you can access this brilliant career support resource for free. Find CV advice, interview tips and more. 

Test Theory Pro

Pass your theory test first time! This online resource includes a full bank of official questions licensed from the DSA.

Go Citizen

This online study resource is licensed by the Home Office and can help you prepare and practice for the Life in the UK test. 

English conversation groups

If you're learning English for the first time, you can work on your speaking skills in these supportive, informal conversation groups.

Language groups

From French to Japanese, find foreign language classes at selected libraries. 

What our customers say

The library's free workshops on digital literacy were a pleasant surprise. As a senior, I appreciated the chance to learn new skills in a supportive environment, proving that libraries are spaces for learners of all ages.

Barbara Watson
Library member

The library's online career support tools have been a game-changer in my job hunt. From CV-building workshops to job search databases, the library provides invaluable resources, helping me navigate the dynamic job market with confidence.

Sophie Peters
Library member

The archive services at the library are a treasure trove for history enthusiasts like me. The extensive collection of historical documents and the knowledgeable staff, has made my research into local history both fascinating and fruitful.

James Hunter
Library member

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