Price Discounts Notes
Compact Discs (CD's) 70p per week 40p per week A maximum of 5 CD's for up to one week
DVD's - New Releases £2.00 A maximum of 5 DVD's for up to one week
DVD's - Standard (all other titles) £1.00 A maximum of 5 DVD's for up to one week


Price Discounts Notes
Items in Stock in Greenwich Free
External Stock £1.00
Vocal Scores (per copy) 50p
NB - If you renew or reserve online, the appropriate charges will be added to your account


Price Discounts Notes
OVERDUE AND REPLACEMENT CHARGES 20p per day Charges payable from aged 15+, maximum £20 per item.
DVD's Repeat of weekly hire charge Maximum £20.00 per item
Replacement Library Cards First replacement free, £2.00 for subsequent replacements. Under 15's will be charged on their 5th replacement.
Lost items Full cost of replacement item


Black & White A4 - 10p per page; A3 - 20p per page
Colour A4 - 10p per page; A3 - 20p per page

How to pay

You can pay all fees and charges in cash only.  Please note that any unpaid fees will be referred to a debt collection agency.   It is free to join your library and many of our services are free.   Enjoy the benefits of a single card for residents of the Royal Borough of Greenwich. The Greenwich One Card combines your library and leisure centre membership in one card and provides many exciting discounts in and around the borough. To find out more and apply visit our Greenwich One Card page www.better.org.uk/onecard.

Discounted charges

Discounts on library charges are available to Royal Greenwich residents who are living in the Royal Borough and are:

  • over 60
  • a full-time student
  • have a Higher Saver GreenwichCard
  • This discount is applicable only in Greenwich centres