Library Services for Teachers and Schools

Teachers working in the Borough of Wandsworth may borrow up to 20 items on a Teacher's Library Card.

Class Visits – bring your class to the library!
A class visit is a wonderful opportunity for children to join the library, borrow books and find out about other activities on offer so that they will be encouraged to return outside of school hours with their families.
The aim of class visits is to promote regular library use by children and their parents, to foster a love of reading and books, and to support children on their journey to becoming independent learners.

We can offer:

• a fun introduction to the library - perhaps a new experience for some children
• an opportunity for children to borrow books and listen to stories
• library skills – including:
• how to use the library catalogue
• an introduction to how the library is organised and the arrangement of fiction and non-fiction
• guidance on finding books and information for projects and topic work
• guidance on using on-line reference tools and e-resources, such as Britannica Junior 
• promotional visits to assemblies
• knowledgeable, enthusiastic staff

We are happy to tailor visits to your needs: you can opt for a one-off session to tie in with a special event or project, or visit more regularly for borrowing books. Common visiting patterns include fortnightly visits to choose books or a rolling programme so that every class gets the opportunity to visit at least once a term. Teachers can opt to have a class library card, where all books borrowed remain in school (with the school as guarantor for the return of the books), or, the children can be registered as individual library members so that they may take their books home.

For further information, please contact your local Children's Librarian.
A list of Wandsworth Libraries may be found at:

Library Services to Pre-School Groups and Childminders

Wandsworth Nursery and playgroup leaders may apply for a group membership card and borrow up to 30 books. We welcome visits to our libraries from pre-school groups - if booked in advance, the Children's Librarian will be able to read or tell stories to the children. We can also supply Bookstart Treasure packs to any 3 year olds in your group.

Registered Childminders in the Borough of Wandsworth may apply for a Childminder's Library card and borrow up to 20 books. You may also like to bring the children in your care to one of our Under 5s Storytimes or Baby Rhyme Times. Click on the link to find your nearest library: