Date posted 14 Apr 2022

This April and May, Balham Library is hosting a series workshops and classes for adults with the aim to relieve stress through creative and therapeutic means.

Run by our trained counsellor and senior library staff member, Katie, these sessions are taking place throughout Stress Awareness Month (April), and Mental Health Awareness Week (9-15 May). You can learn more about Stress Awareness Month at

Unwind with these mid-morning and after-work sessions, which are being held in a friendly setting, and offer opportunities to try art therapy, mindfulness and ways to tackle low mood and stress:

Stress Relief Through Journaling
Monday 25th April, 6-7pm

Stress Relief Through Compassion
Wednesday 4th May, 6-7pm

Stress Relief Through Art
Monday 9th May, 6-7.30pm

 As well as the workshops, there will also be drop-in Guided Meditation Sessions on Wednesday Mornings from 11.30am to 12.00pm starting on 13th April.

 All events are free to attend.

 Disclaimer in line with the BPS ethics and code of conduct:

Upon commencement of sessions, a form will be signed by participants that personal information disclosed within sessions is sensitive if not confidential and is trusted not to leave the room. However, any information that is shared that the counsellor present deems an explicit threat of a danger to life will then be shared with authorities/reported in line with safeguarding procedures.

These sessions, although led by a qualified counsellor, are designed to talk about, destigmatize and tackle stress and low intensity mental health problems in a social and creative way and are in no way substitute to Professional Psychological treatment.