Date posted 30 Jun 2022

The Summer Reading Challenge runs from Saturday 9 July until Saturday 10 September. You can sign up in libraries anytime over the summer holidays. You can find our list of Summer activities for children here.

Presented by The Reading Agency in partnership with libraries and the Science Museum Group, Gadgeteers focuses on scientific innovation and creative thinking to inspire children to look at science in all its forms, and show that reading and science are for everyone!

Gadgeteers is open to all children aged 4-11. Read six books (or more) over the summer holidays and collect rewards from your local library. We also run the national Mini Challenge for children aged 0-3 and a local Teen Book Bingo Challenge for children aged 11-14.

Who can take part?

The Summer Reading Challenge is open to children ages 4-11 and encourages them to continue reading throughout the summer holidays.

The Mini Challenge is open to children aged 3 years and younger. Early introduction to books gives children a head start when starting school, developing speech and language skills.

How Do You Join?

Sign up for the Challenge at your local library to receive your collector’s poster. Choose a reading goal - 6 books, or more to borrow from the library (all books count, physical ones, ebooks, and audiobooks)- and collect special stickers and rewards along the way. Complete the Challenge to receive a special certificate!

Children under 3 will receive a pre-school card when they sign up and a sticker for every book shared. If they share six books for the Mini Challenge, they'll receive a special gold medal sticker and a certificate.

Do children need to be a member of the library to take part?

Yes. If they’re not a member of the library, sign up here for a library card in their name.

There is a digital platform, too, so the fun can carry on at home as well! Children can take part at the Summer Reading Challenge website.

Find your inner boffin and get ready for a voyage of discovery and learning at your library this summer with Gadgeteers, this year’s annual national Summer Reading Challenge. It’s fun, it’s free and it’s local!