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Start Up Business Week 2024

01 May 2024

Start Up Business Week 2024

Our third business week is just over a month away, and we have an exciting line up of business experts, successful local business owners and celebrity speakers to provide inspiration, business advice, encouragement and guidance!

With 12 events taking place across London libraries in the London Borough of Bromley, Royal Borough of Greenwich  and Wandsworth Borough Council,we hope to engage as many entrepreneurs as possible and people with an interest in business. These events can be accessed in person, and via webinar or livestream, which will offer something of value to all aspiring entrepreneurs and current business owners. All of these events are fully funded (in part by UKSPF funding), which represents our desire and commitment to remove a number of barriers to entrepreneurship for people that either want to set up, grow or scale their businesses.

We also hope this event will enable businesses and entrepreneurs to make impactful connections, access useful information and advice, facilitate business growth and boost morale during these difficult economic times!


‘The Customer Journey Mapping’ 

10th June 2024 | 10am to 12pm | Bromley Central Library 

In this session Mark will demonstrate what is involved in identifying your businesses Customer Journey with some practical tips that you can apply to your business. 

‘Using Social Media to Generate Leads’ 

10th June 2024 | 11am to 1pm | Woolwich Centre Library 

In this practical workshop, facilitated by Jellyfielder Studios, you'll learn how to generate and follow up with leads for your business online using content you create yourself. 


‘Selling your Product in Shops and Online’ 

11 June 2024 | 10am to 12pm | Bromley Central Library 

Led by Johnny Paterson, a multi award-winning entrepreneur and marketing expert, this workshop will teach you the basics of what you need to know about exporting and expanding your business so that it has a physical presence with consumers. 


‘Psychology of pricing & colour theory’ 

11th June 2024 | 10am to 12pm | York Gardens Library 

This workshop will delve into how different pricing models influence consumer behaviour, with a deep dive into why certain sales tactics are more effective than others, and a breakdown of how attendees can apply this to their own businesses. 


‘Greenwich Business Day’ 

11th June 2024 at 10am to 4pm | Greenwich Centre Library 

Greenwich Business Day is a celebration of local entrepreneurship in the Royal Borough of Greenwich and a provided attendees with the opportunity to gain business information, advice, widen their business network and learn new skills. 

‘How to turn your Side Hustle into a Business’ 

12th June 2024 | 10:30am to 12:30pm | Online event 

Facilitated by Joanne Bell, this webinar will cover the steps you need to take to create a sustainable side hustle. She will help you understand the dos and don’ts of running a profitable small business on the side to make extra money. 


‘Celebrating Women In Business’ 

12th June 2024 | 5:30pm to 7:30pm | Putney Library 

To celebrate trailblazing women in business, we will be hosting an interactive panel and Q & A session with three local businesswomen, who will share their wealth of experience in their respective business sectors, and let us know what it takes to succeed as a woman in business. 


‘Building an Online Presence for your Creative Business’ 

13th June 2024 | 11am to 1pm | Woolwich Centre Library 

Led by Randy Yip, this workshop is tailored for individuals eager to unlock the full potential of their online presence. 


‘How to build a high performing team for your business’ 

13th June 2024 | 2pm to 4pm | Online event 

This webinar aims to empower business owners with the essential knowledge and skills needed to construct a high-performing team. 


‘Marketing on a Shoestring’ 

14th June 2024 | 10am to 12pm | Bromley Central Library 

In this two-hour, interactive workshop, marketing specialist Jane Rogers will take you through some tried and tested marketing techniques and show you how to make your business stand out from the crowd without breaking the bank. 


‘Ask the experts: How to write a business plan & secure funding’ 

15th June 2024 | 10am to 2pm | Bromley Central Library 

This interactive event is aimed at helping aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners develop and strengthen their business plans with the support of business experts who will provide a deep dive analysis of each element of a business plan, as well as provide top tips in the form of an interactive panel discussion. 

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