English Language Practice Groups

Learn English at your speed. We have designed the following classes to match with your needs, whatever level you are on. Our qualified staff will help you along the way to attain your goals.

English 'Express' - Conversational English

Are you looking to improve your English skills? Come along to our English Express class with our friendly staff. Engage in conversations to boost confidence in speech. Grammar exercises and reading exercises available.

English Conversation Group

These informal English Conversation groups are for any adults who want to improve their spoken English in a friendly and supportive environment.


Creative Writing Groups

Writing Groups

Join us for our creative writing group, covering everything from prose to poetry. Beginners more than welcome.

Creative Writing Group

Practice your creative writing in a group setting.

Language Skills and Writing Groups Near Me

Thinking of joining our English Language Skills and Writing Groups? Simply follow the link below and type your postcode or location to find the nearest English conversation and writing practice centre to you.


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