Supporting Today's and Tomorrow's Athletes

GLL has once again shown its commitment to improving health, wellbeing and opportunity in the communities it works in, by supporting the next generation of athletes to the tune of £1.2 million, via The GLL Sport Foundation (GSF). 

The GSF is the UK’s largest independent athlete support programme. Since it launched in 2008, the programme has provided over 18,000 athlete awards, with a total financial value of £12.1 million.

The foundation provides athletes across 65 areas of the UK with financial help, physiotherapy, a ‘Better’ Gym membership and more.  In the wake of a difficult two years, GLL continued with the programme in 2020 and 2021, investing in the development of local talent aspiring to follow previous supported athletes such as Susie Rodgers, Dina Asher-Smith and Lutalo Muhammad. 

Athletes from across the UK have been applying for support through the GLL Sport Foundation via the online portal at: Applications closed 20th February 2022 and we look forward to seeing this years budding athletes. 

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Are you interested in volunteering your time to support others and reap personal benefits such as meeting new people and gaining new skills and experiences?

Better are looking for enthusiastic people who are willing and able to spare their time to support others attending community sessions; helping them to have the best experience possible. This could include: helping deliver activities, befriending a participant which would enable them to stay or become active and reduce social isolation. 

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Crowdfunding raises small amounts of money from a large number of people, to help fund a project.

The GLL Community Foundation runs in Barnet and helps local projects with funding, facilities and support that encourage people to be active, to learn and to play together. Projects could include organising a sports tournament or improving a community library, to creating a new sports league or revamping a children's playground.

Offers up to £5,000 worth of cash and in kind support are available to community projects in Barnet, in partnership with Spacehive.

Mill Hill East Community Garden project was recently successful in its bid to transform some empty and unloved space into a vibrant and creative community garden, for local people to connect with nature and with each other. Work is currently underway with volunteers and members of the local community creating the garden area.

Volunteering is for everyone

Age, ability and experience are not barriers to volunteering. There’s nothing to stop you volunteering and Better are looking for enthusiastic people who are willing to spare their time.  Better will support you with an induction and training to enable you to develop new skills.

Volunteering doesn’t have to mean a big commitment. You can volunteer as frequently as you wish to, whether that is a few hours a year or every week. Better can help you find the right opportunity to fit around your life.

Better offer volunteer opportunities in physical activity and community champion roles in Barnet.

“The best thing for me is when we get people who are on their own joining us, either because they have heard about us or been referred to us. It gives them the opportunity to walk with other people instead of on their own, or maybe they have moved into the area, and it's a good way of getting to know the town and people, and within a few meetings they have made new friends. We're a very friendly group and it's nice to see everybody mixing with other people that they may not have known before. I suppose in one way we are a community and they will all help each other if needed.”

- Jenny Dilly, Wellington Health Walk Leader