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There are many ways that you can be active in Barnet and FAB intends to give you a helping hand to find the right activity for you.

Head to the Health and Wellbeing page for information on how active you should aim to be, and how moving more can benefit your health and wellbeing.

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Use the Get Active activity finder to locate activities for all ages and abilities that are offered within local sports clubs, leisure centres and community-based settings in Barnet (and beyond).

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Barnet Better Leisure Centres

Barnet has five leisure centres that are operated on behalf of Barnet Council by Better. Find out more information about your local leisure facilities and activities on offer.

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Hub Network Activities

In addition to our gym, swim and fitness class offer, here at Better we offer a range of community projects as part of our Hub Network. These projects are designed to provide a wide range of opportunities for people across Barnet, removing barriers to physical activity, such as cost, cultural barriers and time constraints. Satellite sessions are delivered from community centres, green spaces, places of worship, children centres, care homes and schools, targeting specific groups that don’t necessarily receive the same opportunities as others. 

If you’re an organisation which would benefit from having satellite sessions in your venue, please contact

Active Outdoors

With an open space located within one mile of most homes in Barnet, there are plenty of opportunities to get active outdoors in the borough. 

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Active at Home

It has never been easier for you to be active from the comfort of your own home. From gentle and higher intensity workouts to fun activities that you can enjoy with the family, there is something for everyone.

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Disability and Inclusion

FAB is committed to ensure that Barnet is a place where everyone can lead more active and healthy lifestyles. Find out more about inclusive opportunities in Barnet.

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Women and Girls Sessions

All people should have the same opportunities of leading a healthy lifestyle.

Nevertheless, women and girls still face barriers that stop them from participating in sports and physical activity. Being active and healthy is essential for the personal growth of every single individual; it contributes to increased self-confidence and a sense of community, and it benefits both the body and mind.

FAB encourages participation in sports and physical activity by women and girls and have created a timetable that shows the many opportunities to stay active in the borough.

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Your local Better leisure centre continues to offer a range of safe and inclusive Women and Girls activities across all five leisure centres in Barnet. 

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60+ Activities

As part of Fit and Active Barnet’s commitments to ensure that Barnet is a place where everyone can lead more active and healthy lifestyles, Better offer physical activity opportunities for senior residents across all five leisure centres. Click on the link below to view a timetable of 60+ activities available in Barnet’s leisure centres. (Senior residents are also able to book generic in-centre sessions where appropriate).

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