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Date posted 07 Oct 2021

The Aqua Training Bag is the perfect training tool for boxers, trainers, professional fighters, and everyday fitness enthusiasts. By utilizing water in place of sand or other materials commonly used to fill heavy bags.

Aqua Bags provide the following unique benefits:


The water-filled bags have more give with the ability to absorb kinetic energy, eliminating the hard spots often found in sand-filled bags

Enhanced Training

The bags help users train longer and harder without the risk of injury and pain. No more holding back to avoid injuring knuckles and joints.

The ‘Real’ Feel

The composition of our bag creates a sensation similar to striking a real human body.

Feedback from some of our members:

  • Hitting the Aqua Bag feels much better than I intially expected it to. Compared to a bag filled with sand, the water disperses impact from hits. Whether you hit it on the top or the bottom, it is going to give the same consistent feedback to your punches. - Sean C
  • Fair play to the gym, they have a range of different boxing equipment and this is by far my favourite bag. - Andrew M
  • Honestly, the water makes it a legitimately heavy bag, ideal for working on power. - Jordan P

So make sure you try out the bag, if you need any support and information on how to use the bag, please let us know.


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