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Workspaces and facilities

Whether you’re studying, need a space to work on your new business, or just want to get the most out of your library, we have a range of workspaces and facilities for everyone to enjoy.

From rooms for hire for personal and professional collaboration to study spaces and desks, our communities have access to a variety of workspace options across Dudley. Plus, with facilities like computers, printers and free Wi-Fi, you’ll find everything you need at your local library. 

Facilities Available in Dudley Libraries

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For a small fee, you can print in colour and black and white from either our library computers or your personal device.


Computers are available on a first-come, first-served basis, but you can also book a timeslot online using your library log in details.


We offer free Wi-Fi at all of our libraries in Dudley. Use one of our public library computers or connect from your phone, tablet or laptop to get online. Look for "Dudley Connect" in your available networks to connect.

Accessible Computers

For people who are visually impaired, we have accessible computers across our libraries, with features like large print keyboards and high-contrast displays. You can book a timeslot online using your library log in details.

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Room hire in Dudley

Whether you're looking for somewhere quiet to work or study or need to book out a whole meeting room for a work event, we have plenty of rooms for hire at our libraries across Dudely for personal and professional use.

From boardrooms for 5-15 people that are ideal for studying and smaller presentations to larger spaces that can fit up to 20 people, there’s something to suit all your needs. And, if there’s nothing suitable at your local library, our team can help you find another room across our Dudley locations for your function.

Looking for more space? We even have a selection of event spaces, like the Shenstone Theatre at Halesowen Library, complete with high-tech projector and sound system, or the Foyer at Dudley Archives, a large open space that’s perfect for exhibitions, performances and community functions.

Get in touch with your local library to find out more about what's available and hire fees.

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From quiet areas to individual desks, discover our range of work and study spaces at Dudley Libraries.


No matter what you’re working on, we have several desk spaces at our libraries which are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

From desks with charging ports to collaborative round tables, you'll be sure to find a space that's right for you.

Study booths

For more privacy, we also have study carrels and booths across most libraries. These are ideal for longer study sessions, remote working or just getting stuck into a good book. 

Study booths are also first-come, first-served.

Quiet study spaces

If you really need to focus, find a seat in one of the quiet areas across our libraries or reference spaces at Dudley Central and Stourbridge Library.

When using quiet spaces, please keep conversations and electronic device volume to a minimum so you don’t disturb others. 

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Facilities for people with disabilities

Wheelchair ramps and lift access

Neurodiversity support and trained staff