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Home Library service

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The Bromley Home Library service is run by friendly volunteers. Each month, you can select the books or resources you’d like from the library catalogue, and they’ll bring them directly to your door. Or, you can let librarians know your favourite genre and they can pick out a selection of relevant titles so you don’t have to!


In Bromley, Home Library membership is only available to people who are physically unable to visit their local library. To find out more about qualifying criteria or to get in touch with staff, click the link below.

Find out more about the Bromley Home Library service

Bromley Home Library

Accessible resources in Bromley

Browse the library catalogue to see our accessible books and resources. 

All specialist collections

Large Print for Children

If your child struggles to read normal print we have a selection of “CustomEyes” titles in a larger font size - 18 - and an A4 size format.
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Reading Well

A collection of books made available to public libraries by The Reading Agency with funding from the DCMS to help people understand and manage their health and wellbeing.

We have three collections - one for adults, teenagers and children.

Quick Reads

The Reading Agency provides a collection of Quick Read books which provide a route into reading that prioritises great story telling and adult-focused content while ensuring the books are written in an accessible and easy to read style. 
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Bag Books

Bag Books is a charity publishing “books” (in boxes) aimed at those who cannot benefit from mainstream books. 

Intended for audiences with multiple learning difficulties. 

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Books in other languages

We have a growing selection of adult and children's fiction and some educational children's books in languages other than English. These items can be reserved the normal way for collection in your nearest branch.
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Dual language books

We have a small collection of children’s picture books and early readers in a dual language format – English alongside a second language. Languages include Polish, Bengali, Latvian, Vietnamese, Urdu and others.
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We have a selection of playsets available for loan, located at Bromley Central Library. Please ask the staff at your local branch for more information, including how to reserve them to your nearest branch.
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Dyslexia-friendly children's books

From specialist publisher Barrington Stoke, explore books that help break down barriers to reading. 
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Pictures to share dementia collection

These books bring pictures and words together, helping those with dementia enjoy stories and communicate with others.

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Books beyond words

Browse our word-free picture books created with and for people with learning disabilities with a focus on emotional topics.

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Accessibility FAQs

Want to know more about accessibility at your local library? Look below to see our most frequently asked questions.

Is there accessible parking at my local library?
Patrons of Bromley borough libraries typically utilise nearby public car parks as many of our libraries do not have dedicated car parks. As such, availability of spaces, including accessible ones, are reliant on nearby services.
Are Bromley libraries wheelchair accessible?
Every effort has been made to make our libraries as accessible as possible. However, due to nuances we face with some of our older locations, this is not always possible.

As such, if you require wheelchair accessibility, please note that only the following libraries have full wheelchair accessibility:
  • Burnt Ash Library
  • Beckenham Library
  • Biggin Hill Library 
  • Bromley Central Library
  • Chislehurst Library
  • Mottingham Library
  • Orpington Library
  • Penge Library
  • Petts Wood Library
  • Southborough Library
  • St Paul's Cray Library
The following libraries have a small lip on the door that may make entry difficult, but are otherwise accessible. Please call for further information.
  • West Wickham Library
  • Hayes Library
The following library is not wheelchair accesible.
  • Shortlands Library
What services are there for visually impaired people?
 At Bromley Libraries, we offer a range of services and activities for those who are partially sighted or blind. 
Our VIP book groups help visually impaired people enjoy reading as we listen to and discuss audiobooks and we have a collection of large-print children's books for younger kids who have low vision. 

Get in touch with your local library to find out more about what services are available in your area.
How does the library support people with learning disabilities?
Greenwich Leisure Limited (GLL) is committed to providing an environment that is safe and supportive and safeguards and promotes the welfare of children, young people and adults at risk, within a culture that allows all customers to feel confident about raising concerns about their own and others’ safety and well-being.
How accessible is the library to people with hearing difficulties?
If you own a hearing loop, rest assured that many of our enquiry desks across the borough are equipped with a hearing loop microphone, allowing us to speak to you clearly and directly.

For more information on accessibility in the Libraries in the London borough of Bromley, please contact your local library via email for more information.
I have speaking difficulties or limited english speaking skills..
If you have have speaking difficulties, we're happy for you to write our your request in plain english for us, and we'll help you to the best of our ability.

If you struggle with spoken english, we're more than happy for you to use translation apps on your phone to communicate with us. Many of our staff across the borough are bilingual, so we may surprise you!

Feel free to email any queries to your local branch, and we'll do our best to answer them. 
Do all libraries in Bromley have accessible toilets?
We strive to make our facilities as approachable as possible, but due to nuances of our locations, public or accessible toilets may not always be offered. In these cases, there are always other options in the local area.

For more information, please contact your local branch, or view their individual pages for more information about available services.

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