fees and charges

It is free to join your library, and many of our services are free.


Reservation fees are non-refundable. A charge will also be made for notification of reserved items (unless by email notification).

Adult items on the database 80p
Children's items on the database FREE

Printing & Photocopying

B&W Colour
Printout per sheet 10p 25p
A4 photocopy per sheet 10p 25p
A3 photocopy per sheet 20p 50p

Scanning & Faxing

First sheet Subsequent sheets
Sending Fax (UK) £1.30 60p
Receiving Fax (UK) 90p 90p
Scanning 64p 64p

Late Returns

A charge will be made for notification of overdue items (unless by email notification).

Fine per day Maximum fine per item
Adult books 25p £18.00
Audio books 25p £18.00
Children's Audio Books 5p £8.00
DVDs - Top titles, standard & feature sets 75p £18.00
DVDs - Special interest 25p £18.00
CDs 25p £18.00
Wii Games 25p £18.00

Lost Tickets

Adult Child
Lost ticket £2.10 £1.00

Discounted charges

Discounts on library charges are available to Royal Greenwich residents who are living in the Royal Borough and are:

  • over 60
  • a full-time student
  • have a Higher Saver GreenwichCard
  • This discount is applicable only in Greenwich centres