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Skill Development

Whether you want to improve your skills or just learn something new, we offer a wide range of development courses and resources to support you as you achieve your goals. 

From driving theory practice to IT and English language session, find the right skill development course for you.

Exclusive to Bromley

Discover skills courses and sessions in your local area.

Appy hour

Bromley coding awareness club

Spanish class for children

Supporting resources

Boost your learning at home with our collection of skills books and resources.

Online courses

From driving theory to self-paced IT sessions, library members can access a range of digital skills courses at home or your local library.

Theory test pro

Pass your theory test first time! This online resource includes a full bank of official questions, Highway Code and hazard perception clips.

Career active

This free resource for library members is full of brilliant tips and videos on CVs application forms and interviews (Bromley library members only).

Go Citizen

This online study resource is license by the Home Office and can help you preparing and practice for the Life in the UK test.

Life in the UK

Life in the UK is an easy to use, comprehensive program to help new arrivals understand the British way of life, including information on housing, religion, public transport and the NHS.

Cisco Courses

The Cisco Networking Academy offers numerous lessons free of charge, aimed at teaching IT skills via online courses. 

CISCO Networking Academy

Want to update your digital skills? Or thinking about a career in IT?

Bromley Libraries have teamed up with Cisco Networking Academy to offer 10 introductory online IT e-courses entirely free of charge.
  • Introduction to IoT and Digital Transformation: Billions of devices connect to the network every day. Learn how IoT is digitally transforming the world and opening up exciting new jobs.
  • Networking Basics: Start learning the basics of computer networking and discover how networks operate.
  • Introduction to Cybersecurity: Explore the exciting field of cybersecurity and why cybersecurity is a future-proof career.
  • Getting Started with Cisco Packet Tracer: Your on-ramp to Cisco Packet Tracer. Get familiar with the simulation environment and download the latest version.
  • Data Analytics Essentials: Organizations all over the world recognize the value of analytics. Learn the essential tools of the trade.
  • Discovering Entrepreneurship: Build entrepreneurial skills and develop a solution-oriented approach to problem solving through real-world examples and interactive branching activities.
  • Python Essentials 1: Learn fundamental concepts of computer programming and start building coding skills with the Python programming language.
  • Python Essentials 2: Expand your computer programming skills and get ready to earn a certification.
  • JavaScript Essentials 1: Design, develop, and improve JavaScript programs. Boost your programming skills to start your career in technology.
  • JavaScript Essentials 2: Gain a strong JavaScript foundation and prepare for JSA – Certified Associate JavaScript Programmer Certification

Please note: Some courses are not available on library computers as they require downloading of software. Cisco recommends the use of Firefox or Chrome browsers and stores data in the US and in other countries. To find out more, read their privacy statement.