Bromley Libraries

Terms and Conditions

Membership Rules

These rules may be reviewed and/or altered at any time. We will use reasonable endeavours to inform Members of material or significant changes to the rules as far in advance as possible with notice of any significant change displayed in our libraries.

Library membership is free.

For full library membership one proof of name and address needs to be shown -  for example a utility bill or bank statement be dated within the last three months, a photocard driving licence or a library card from any UK authority. 

For limited library membership – with no borrowing rights, identification such as a bank card is required. This membership allows use of the library computers and online resources.

For anyone under 16 years a parent or guardian must present either a valid library card, or proof of identification as above.

Each member will receive a card with a membership number and a separate personal identification number (PIN).

You will require your membership card to borrow an item or renew items on loan, to request items from the library catalogue, borrow eBooks and use our computers.

Membership cards cannot be transferred to anyone else.

Lost membership cards must be reported immediately to any public library within the London Borough of Bromley. The cardholder, or the parent/guardian responsible for the membership of anyone under 16 years, remains responsible for the return of any item borrowed prior to such notification.

A replacement membership card will be issued on application. Identification is required. Members will be charged a replacement fee. This fee is reduced for those aged under 16 years. 

All members must immediately notify a Bromley Library of any change of name, address or contact details so that the record of membership can be amended. For changes to name or address the library card and proof of the change (E.g.: marriage certificate, utility bill, driving license, etc.) will need to be presented to library staff.

The Librarian-in-charge is entitled to withdraw the membership of any person who fails to comply with any of the membership rules, or who commits an offence against byelaws made under Section 19 of the Public Libraries and Museums Act, 1964 as amended by the Council.

Borrowing entitlements and rules

All library members may borrow up to 25 items, which can be any mixture of books, CDs, DVDs, audiobooks or language courses at any one time. A maximum of three DVDs and six audio books can be borrowed. For those aged under 16 years the limit is two DVDs and two audio books.

Most items may be borrowed for an initial period of three weeks except for those items where special restrictions apply, particularly DVDs.

Items may be borrowed from and returned to any public library within the London Borough of Bromley.

Hire charges for audio-visual items must be paid when the item is borrowed according to the published scale of charges and exemptions.

The removal of any item from a library without confirmation that the loan has been recorded on the library computer system will be regarded as theft and in contravention of Byelaw 7 – see Byelaws for Bromley Libraries for more details.

Sets of vocal scores and plays may, with the consent of the Librarian-in-charge, be counted as one item. The supply of music and drama sets does not grant permission to perform the work in public: where necessary this should be sought from the rights-holder.

Library members may borrow DVDs subject to payment of the appropriate hire charge, provided that they are not below the age specified by the classification on the recording.

These classifications are part of the Video Recordings Act 1993. You may be required to provide additional evidence of your date of birth before you borrow a DVD/video recording.

Sound or video recordings borrowed from the library must not be copied or used for public performance.

GLL accepts no liability for damage allegedly caused to any audio or playback equipment as a result of playing audio-visual recordings borrowed from Bromley Libraries.


There is no charge to borrow books provided they are returned or renewed before the date given for return.

There are some hire, late return and other charges, which must be paid as they are incurred. Bromley Council reviews the fees and charges every year, and the rates are prominently displayed in every library from 1st April.

Outstanding charges of greater than £5, or any charge outstanding for more than 720 days, block renewals, prevent reservations being placed and suspends further borrowing and use of Public Network computers until paid.

There is no charge to reserve items available on the catalogue. There is a charge to reserve any item not available on the catalogue for all borrowers.

Reservation charges are non-refundable.

Lost or damaged items

Library members are responsible for the care and safe return of all items in the same condition as they were in when borrowed, and for this purpose shall be judged to have examined all items at the time of borrowing. If an item is returned in a damaged state and is no longer suitable for further lending the full replacement cost will be added to the member's library account

Library members, or the parent/guardian responsible for the membership of anyone under the age of 16, are usually required to pay the cost of replacement of any item which is not returned to any public library within the London Borough of Bromley., or which is returned in a damaged condition.

You are advised to return all items and to explain any concerns about the charge for damaged or lost items to the Librarian-in-charge to prevent further charges being added to your account.

Notification of reservations and overdue items are by email.

You are recommended to register online to receive emails to tell you if your books are overdue or your reservation is ready for collection.

Reservation notices are sent via email as soon as the requested item reaches the collection library you have chosen and are free of charge.

Overdue e-mail notifications are generated at 2 days before the items are due, 14 days overdue and 28 days overdue. E-mail notification is free.

Debts of over £15 will be passed to a debt collection agency. An additional charge of £10 will be added to accounts referred in this way.


You must obtain valid library membership before you can use a public access computer in a Bromley Library.

Public access computers are designated as either ‘Adult’s’ or ‘Children’s’ computers.

Children’s computers are located in the Children’s Section within the libraries, and are for the use of customers aged 15 years or younger. Adults are not allowed on Children’s computers, but a parent or guardian may assist a child on a Children’s computer.

Adult's computers are located in the main library and are for the use of customers aged 16 years or older.

As stated earlier membership cards cannot be transferred to anyone else.

You must comply with the Internet Access Policy for Bromley Libraries.

You must not transmit to or download from the Internet any material in violation of any laws. This includes, but is not limited to, material subject to copyright, threatening, obscene, racist or pornographic material, or material protected by trade secret.

You must not use public Internet access in public libraries for any commercial purposes.

You will be prevented from further use of public access computers in Bromley Libraries if you access illegal, threatening, obscene, racist or pornographic material.

A child's parent/guardian is responsible for the child's access to the Internet and for monitoring and exercising control over sites visited – library staff do not exercise this control.

Use of stock inside a library

Reference books can only be consulted inside the library and may not be borrowed.

Photocopying or computer printing may be produced in accordance with copyright laws and payment of the relevant fee.

Bromley Historic Collections

Searchroom guidelines are on display in the searchroom and should be followed to ensure the preservation of fragile and unique documents and publications.

Please do not remove any archive or local history material from the searchroom.

The supply of copies of archive or local history material does not grant permission for the further reproduction or publication either in print or online.

Please ask staff for guidance if you are unsure.

Use of all public libraries within the London Borough of Bromley is subject to byelaws made under Section 19 of the Public Libraries and Museums Act 1964 by The Mayor and Burgess of the London Borough of Bromley. The current byelaws were revised and confirmed by the then Government's Secretary of State for National Heritage with effect from 24 November 1996 – see Byelaws for Bromley Libraries for more details.

Bromley Byelaws can be viewed on the Bromley council website at the following link here.

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