DVD Hire

Code Price Period
Top Titles A £2.50 2 days
Standard/Feature sets D/E £1.50 1 week
Special Interest F £1.50 3 weeks

Music, Games & Audio Books

Price Period
Music CD's £1.50 3 weeks
Audio books £2.55 3 weeks
Children's Audio Books (single/sets) 40p 3 weeks
Wii Games £2.50 3 weeks


Reservation fees are non-refundable. A charge will also be made for notification of reserved items (unless by email notification).

Adult items on the database 80p
Children's items on the database FREE

Printing & Photocopying

B&W Colour
Printout per sheet 26p 62p
A4 photocopy per sheet 10p £1.00
A3 photocopy per sheet 20p £2.00

Late Returns

A charge will be made for notification of overdue items (unless by email notification).

Fine per day Maximum fine per item
Adult books 25p £18.00
Audio books 25p £18.00
Children's Audio Books 5p £8.00
DVDs - Top titles, standard & feature sets 75p £18.00
DVDs - Special interest 25p £18.00
CDs 25p £18.00
Wii Games 25p £18.00

Lost Tickets

Adult Child
Lost ticket £2.10 £1.00

Scanning & Faxing

First sheet Subsequent sheets
Sending Fax (UK) £1.30 60p
Receiving Fax (UK) 90p 90p
Scanning 64p 64p

how to pay

discounted charges

Discounts on library charges are available to Royal Greenwich residents who are living in the Royal Borough and are:

  • over 60
  • a full-time student
  • have a Higher Saver GreenwichCard