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Film club

Film club for movie buffs to view and discuss films, fostering a community of enthusiasts.

Family film club

A cosy family-friendly screening of popular films, creating a shared experience for movie lovers of all ages.

Film Conversation Group

A forum for film buffs to dissect and discuss the themes, cinematography, and storytelling of their favourite films.

Film literature

Check out our resources on everything from film theory to deep dives into the classics.
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How to get involved

Check the timetable for your local library to see which activities are available across Greenwich.

Most of our library activities are free to attend, so there's no need to pay.
Turn up to your chosen activity on the day to join in. Please note: some activities do require booking.
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Activity FAQs

Want to get the most out of your local library? Sign up for a Greenwich library membership.
How do I join the library film club?
Joining is simple! Check the library website or inquire in person for information on upcoming film club meetings and how to become a member.

Is there a membership fee for the film club?
Film club attendance is free as part of your library membership.

Are the film selections family-friendly?
We aim to provide a mix of films, including family-friendly options. However, it's essential to check individual film ratings, as some may be suitable for specific age groups.

Can I suggest a film for the club to watch?
Definitely! We encourage members to suggest films for future screenings. Share your recommendations with the film club coordinator, and we'll consider them for upcoming sessions.

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I just have to give a shoutout to our local library for the fantastic children's activities they offer. My little one absolutely loves the creative and educational programs. The librarians go above and beyond to make each session engaging and fun.

Eliza Green

It's not easy keeping teenagers entertained, but the library nails it every time. From cool workshops to fun events, they've created a space where teens can connect, learn, and just be themselves.

Marvin Skeeks

The baby and toddler activities are an absolute lifesaver for parents looking to add a little educational fun to their day. The librarians create a warm and welcoming environment where my little ones can explore, learn and make friends.

Tabi Penny