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Summer Reading Challenge at Wandsworth Libraries

Join the Summer Reading Challenge at your nearest Wandsworth Library for a summer of creative fun with the Marvellous Makers.

What's this year's challenge?

Join the Marvellous Makers - Amelia, Charlie, Kai, Maya, Riley, Laila and Yasmin - plus Bob the dog, who are all members of a creative club at their local library. They've been busy making things for a festival at the library this summer, but some of the items are missing from their creative toolbox and they can't finish their projects! Tails (a cheeky squirrel) has been seen at the club, we wonder who has taken them?

Your quest is to play detective, collecting stickers by reading books all summer to find out what Tails has been up. If you complete the challenge, you will save the festival.

To help you on the way, you'll receive a collection pack where you can log the books you've read, collect stickers and help the makers complete their projects.

Discover the Marvellous Makers collection

From picture books that ignite their imaginations to stories that will take them on an adventure, browse titles from the Marvellous Makers collection below.

How to get involved

Sign up at your local Wandsworth library and you'll receive a Marvellous Makers poster to start the challenge. It's Free!

Borrow some books from the library to get started with your reading challenge, and solving the mystery of the missing craft materials.
Read six library books (or more!) over the holidays, and visit the library for every 2 books you read to tell library staff what you've read and collect special stickers to uncover clues to the missing tools. 
Collect all the stickers to find the out what Tails (the squirrel) has been up to and complete the Challenge!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can take part
The Summer Reading Challenge is open to children ages 4-11 and encourages them to continue reading throughout the summer holidays.
The Mini Challenge is open to children aged 3 years and younger. Early intervention with books gives children a head start over their peers when starting school, so the Challenge helps encourage this by rewarding their book sharing with stickers to go in a collector’s folder.
How many books do I have to read
When you sign up for the Summer Reading Challenge at your local library you'll choose your reading goal. 
We recommend reading (or sharing, for younger ones) 6 books or more throughout the summer.

You can choose which books you read but ideally, you'll read books from the library. They can be physical books, eBooks and audio books, they all count. However, if you already own a book that would be appropriate for the Challenge you can read that as well. 
What are the prizes for completing the challenge
For every 2 books you read you'll receive a set of stickers for your collectors folder and a prize. 
  • For 2 books you'll receive an origami pack, 
  • For 4 books a pop badge, 
  • and for 6 books you'll receive a medal!
Do I get a certificate?
Children who attend school in Wandsworth will receive a certificate at a special assembly at school in September. If your children don't attend school in Wandsworth or are home schooled, they will receive their certificate when they complete the challenge.
What are the prizes do I get for the mini challenge
Mini challenge children will receive a special mini-challenge booklet to take home. When you've read each book you'll receive a sticker for every 1 book read up to 6 stickers. When you read your sixth book you'll get a special shiny gold sticker!

Join the challenge at a Wandsworth library near you