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Bromley Libraries

Printing and scanning

Whether you're printing return labels or scanning official documents, you'll find printing, scanning and faxing facilities at our libraries across Bromley. Everyone can use these services for a small fee, which you can find below.

Please note that all charges can be paid by card and cash.

Printing and photocopying

Black and white

You can print and photocopy documents in black and white in two sizes. See prices below.

Per side - 10p
Per A4 copy - 10p
Per A3 copy - 20p


You can print and photocopy documents in colour in two sizes. See prices below.

Per side - 25p
Per A4 copy - 25p
Per A3 copy - 50p

Scanning and Faxing


From passports to paperwork, scan your hard copies at a Bromley library near you.

You are able to scan your documents to your email free of charge.

Sending fax (UK)

If you need to send official documents, you can use the fax machine at a Bromley library. Get in touch with your local library to find out more.

First sheet - £1.30
Subsequent sheets - 60p

Receiving fax (UK)

Whether you need a document fast or need a copy of someone's signature, you can also receive faxes to your local library for a small fee.

First sheet - 90p 
Subsequent sheets - 90p

Printing and photocopying FAQs

Got a question about printing at your local library? Here you'll find answers to our most common printing, scanning and faxing questions.
How do I use the printer?
To use scanners and printers in Bromley libraries, please follow the instructions that accompany the device, and ask for staff assistance if necessary. 
If you would like to know more about the printing and scanning software we use, call your local library.
Can I print from my own device?
Our current software openly supports scanning-to-email and photocopying from most smart devices and laptops. For more information about the software we use before arriving, please contact your local library.
Where can I print near me?
To find your nearby library with printing facilities, use our online library locator tool available on our website. Simply enter your current location to get a list of libraries with printers in your area.

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