Welcome to Better

We’re your local destination for health, wellbeing and fun. Better is the name you’ll see on the sign, but we’re powered by GLL – a charitable organisation with a mission to make a real difference in our communities.

As we will be taking over as your new Leisure Provider, we’re sure you have questions about the transition and how this may affect you as a customer.

Our aim is to have a smooth transition and we’ve put together these FAQ’s which we hope will address any queries you may have.


Membership mobilisation

What will happen to my membership and personal data?

In terms of your membership transfer, there’s nothing you need to do as an existing customer.  Your membership and personal information will be transferred across from your previous Leisure Provider to GLL on the transfer date, including your bank details (if applicable).  GLL will store and process this data securely and in accordance with the requirements of the Data Protection Act 2018, solely for the purposes of management and administration of your membership. 

Will I be contacted by GLL after the transfer?

Yes!  If we have an email address for you, we will be in touch to ask your permission to use it for promotional marketing and to keep you up to date with events at your local centre.

If you have not opted-in to communications from your previous Leisure Provider, and would like to receive communications from GLL, please ask the team at your local centre, to update your details on your next visit after the transfer.

If you have not supplied your email address and do not wish to, printed communications will be available in-centres after the transfer date to GLL operation.

Where can I found out about membership terms and conditions?

Once your membership contract has been transferred to GLL, our terms and conditions of membership and facility use will apply to you.  You can read these here at better.org.uk/terms

What will happen to my Direct Debit payment?

From the transfer date, GLL will collect all Direct Debits or membership payments.  To ease the transition for all customers, all membership details and banking details (if applicable) will be securely transferred to GLL, and your membership will continue to run as normal.

Will the transfer affect existing memberships and any pre-paid sessions or classes?

Memberships will not be affected and pre-paid sessions or classes will go ahead as planned.

Will my existing membership card continue to work?

No. From the date of transfer to GLL your existing membership card will not be compatible with the new computer systems we will have installed and you’ll be contacted via email (if we have an email address for you) regarding your membership transfer.


What do I need to do before my first visit to a Better leisure centre?

Please download the Better UK app from your app provider.  You will receive an email with your new membership number and instructions of how to get set up.  In the meantime you can select My Clubs and enter into the search panel your centre name, which will appear once the centre transfer has taken place.

I’m having trouble downloading the Better UK app.

Don’t worry! If you are experiencing any issues, next time you visit the centre, please ask a member of the concierge team who will be happy to help you get set up.

Booking group or one-off activity sessions

Activity booking mobilisation

How do I book classes, swimming and other activities?

The Better UK app will be available to book activities in your centre once the transfer has taken place. Terms and conditions for activities and classes can be viewed here (better.org.uk/terms)

Will there be changes to the centre timetable?

To ensure you have access to the latest fitness class programme information, please download the Better UK app and select Book classes, which is also the best way to book your sessions now.

Fitness class timetable boards will also be displayed in-centre and updated by staff daily.  While some of the fitness class names will change slightly, please be assured this is a name change only and the class content will remain the same.

I have a birthday party booked after the transfer date. Will this be affected? Will I lose my deposit? Will the final balance change?

No. Any bookings made prior to the transfer will be transferred and honoured by GLL.