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Meet Rob Pitt a member at Appleby Leisure Centre. This what he has to say:

"One day I decided to do something about it and the GP referral scheme got me started with exercise.

I've become a keen runner and run Parkrun every Saturday, running was daunting at first but couch to 5K offers a structured way to do this if you need guidance. Now I go for longer runs and am entering my first 10K race in January.

I use the gym mostly for strength training these days but I felt too self conscious to run about outside at first and the gym is a great way to exercise in a comfortable environment without feeling foolish.

Being fit feels fantastic, better than "treats" taste, if you're anything like I was you owe it to yourself to lose the weight and find out what you're capable of. Hopefully see you at the gym."

We want to congratulate Rob on his accomplishment.