Date posted 07 Jan 2020

As some customers may be aware, due to overwhelming feedback from our users, The Hive has taken the decision to remove from circulation the blue disposable shoe covers outside of our changing village. The shoe covers will be replaced with re-usable flip flops which will be available for purchase from our goods for re-sale stands in the entrance foyer. The reasoning behind this change is to help the centre cut down on single use plastic and aide a further reduction in our carbon footprint. This change combined with other steps forms part of the centres strategy for responsible business in an environmentally conscious way.

Below we have provided a few other examples of the changes the centre has made:

The Hive leisure centre itself is built to an EPC grade A standard in terms of energy performance. This scores higher than most new build homes and helps the centre as much as can be possible to manage our consumption of electricity to support our facilities. Furthermore, in addition to the above, the centre in partnership with Grundon Waste and Disposal Management Services ensures responsible collection and recording of the waste and recycling the centre produces. This allows us to track the percentage of waste for example which is currently being recyclable. Having this data enables management to assess where we are now and then set targets in response. Currently the centre is achieving a 40% score in terms of waste that is being recycled and management is working towards improving this figure to ensure half of all waste in recyclable. Steps that have been taken so far include the removal of some general waste bins from circulation and ensuring our suppliers of goods for re-sale use packaging which can be recyclable as much as possible.

The Hive is constantly looking at new and innovative ways to ensure our operations are as environmentally friendly as possible. Should you have any comments or suggestions that you would like to share with management regarding making further improvements, please get in touch via the contact us section of the website.