Date posted 01 Jul 2023

July 2023 - Chris Rawlins and Jackie Goldston

This month we have not one, but two members! Chris and Jackie have been regularly attending PT sessions with Rhea in preparation for their wedding later this year. Going from hating the gym and not wanting to exercise they now attend several times a week, improving their activity levels and losing weight. Even on sessions they don’t feel like showing up they always push through together.

Member of the month | The Hive Ely

June 2023 - Elsie Walker

Swimming was a huge fear for Elsie when she joined the Hive back in March 2022. Due to her hard work and perseverance, Elsie can now swim on her front and back independently. Still determined to improve further Elsie gives an incredible amount of effort to every lesson, inspiring many of our young swimmers. All our swim teachers say Elsie is a pleasure to teach and a very much-deserved member of the month.

Member of the month | The Hive Ely


May 2023 - Duncan Dobson

Duncan transformed his body in just twelve weeks, losing an incredible 20kg. Back in February Duncan joined our Healthwise Scheme, smashing his fitness programme every session and eating a balanced diet has helped Duncan achieve amazing results. Walking football and tennis are two sports Duncan is hugely passionate about, he’s a much-loved team player who always spreads positivity, inspiring everyone he speaks to.

Member of the month | The Hive Ely


April 2023 - Enzi Zheng

Enzi is one of our most dedicated members. Starting in swim doctor as a non-swimmer, due to her hard work and perseverance Enzi  is now a confident swimmer currently working on her technique in our fitness swim doctor group. On top of being a committed swimmer Enzi has started going to the gym as well. The level of devotion to her fitness is admirable, many members have been inspired by Enzi diligence and progression.

Member of the month | The Hive Ely


March 2023 - Nath Moore

Nath as made a huge amount of progress since joining The Hive in the Spring last year. Not only smashing his fitness goals Nath confidence shines through every time he comes into our centre. Starting with first timer gym nerves Nath is now jumping into an array of classes, venturing into all areas of the gym and his glowing personality is always making our other member smile. An incredible physical and mental transformation.

Member of the month | The Hive Ely


February 2023 - Jack Rampley

Jack is a long standing swimming member at our centre and our swim teachers are extremely proud of how much progress he has made. Due to Jacks dedication and perseverance he has now conquered the challenge of learning breaststroke. Jacks can do attitude and determination has inspired many of our young swimmers. Keep up the incredible work and share any useful tips you’ve learnt with your other class mates! 

Member of the month | The Hive. Ely


January 2023 - Bill Hazlegreaves

Bill is a member of the GP Referral Scheme here at The Hive. He has consistently turned up to his sessions 4 times a week and has been working hard to achieve his personal goals. Since joining the programme, he has lost 15kg in weight and has reduced his blood pressure readings as well as improved his resting heart rate. Bill comes in with a positive, friendly, can do attitude, always putting a smile on our staffs and other member's faces.

Member of the month | The Hive Ely


September 2022 - Serena Wright

Serena has a degenerative condition in her lower back, leading to constant pain and significant functional impairment. Serena says “Finding that my body could no longer do the things it used to, had a profoundly negative effect on my physical and mental well-being, particularly as a sporty person. I began attending the aqua classes, which offers a lower-impact way for me to get back to exercising.”. Serena is amazingly well, never giving up and always challenging herself, even taking part in Boxfit and Spin!

member of the month September | The Hive Ely


August 2022 - Clive Crack

Clive is a long standing member of The Hive and has been closely working with Josh one of our personal trainers. Yearly, Clive takes on the challenge of climbing mount Snowden and is always pushing himself in the gym to new limits, proving that age is just a number! Clive says: “I have enjoyed being part of the training community making new friends along the way. I've reached a level of lifting heavy weights at 70 years of age I wouldn't have thought possible, long may it continue”.

member of the month August | The Hive Ely


July 2022 - Anthony Riedl

Anthony has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy, but never lets it restrict him in doing what he enjoys. In January 2021 he became a member at The Hive and has achieved so much in just the space of a few months. Anthony says: “I love rowing and leg press. It helped me with my physio programme and now I can move more and better and I achieved my goals in less than a month, which is incredible. I don't let my disability stop me from doing what I enjoy. If I can do it, you can to!”.

member of the month July | The Hive Ely


June 2022 - Jessica Bain

In 2019 Jessica has been diagnosed with hypothyroidism and M.E. and was struggling with obesity, chronic fatigue and pain. In September 2020 she began swimming at The Hive and since then she lost over 5 stone and started to do more activities. Jessica says: 'I now have full membership, my health and well-being has massively benefited from a regular exercise programme and I have even encouraged my husband and two boys to use the centre regularly too'.

jessica bain member of the month the hive ely

May 2022 - Simon Brace

Simon has been referred by his GP to join our Healthwise programme to help him tackle his hypertension. Simon has been working with Jack our GP referral facilitator for few months, which helped him not only address his condition but also improve his fitness. Simon says: “Since I've been working with Jack my blood pressure has come down a lot, I've lost weight, gained muscle and I'm feeling fitter, healthier and more confident than ever.”

Simon Brace member of the month the hive ely

April 2022 - Lena Bowers

Lena's enthusiasm and dediction helped Lena to boost her health and extreamly improved mobility. There is no word "barriers" in Lena's vocabulary. Lena is always smiling and spreading positivity, that makes Lena a perfect example to follow.

Lena member of the month hive ely


March 2022 - Victoria Parry

"Victoria joined The Hive initially to swim only but then realised that there were loads of other activities like fitness classes available. Now Victoria added to her regular schedule Body Conditioning and Pilates. Regular exercises not only helped her to improve overall health and fitness but aslo flexibility, agility, strength, balance and coordination. Victoria says that she feels better and losing weight was just a bonus!"

member of the month Victoria the hive


February 2022 - Lisa Jane Stacey

I feel very privileged to be nominated as "Member of the Month" at The Hive Ely. My passion and dedication of swimming began at 6 years of age. I was on holiday with my family at Kessingland Holiday Park. My dad taught me how to swim and to be more confident in the water. This progressed to swimming every Sunday at The Abbey Pool Cambridge. When moving to Ely in 1998 I continued to swim at the Paradise Pool. I also achieved a lifeguard course at the leisure centre shortly before the closure. Since the Hive opened. I swim at every opportunity, not only for enjoyment, but to maintain a healthy lifestyle. In 2018 I raised money for the charity Alzheimer, to which I completed 64 lengths in 35 minutes! In 2019 I totalled 10,500 lengths for the year! 2022 I aim to beat this. With a new target of 12,000 lengths! I am currently reaching 90 lengths in just under an hour. The staff are extremely friendly and facilities at the Hive are of excellence. The establishment is very well maintained in all areas and I would encourage everyone of all ages to use our local leisure centre.

february member of the month the hive lisa


January 2022 - Simon Gilligan

We have reactivated member of the month competition, here at The Hive. Simon Gilligan has been selected as our first winner for January. Here is few words from Simon about his story at our centre and his amazing fitness journey:

"I joined the Hive in January 2019. My reason for joining was to try address my mobility problems by getting fitter and losing some weight. The medical profession having decided they could do nothing for me. Water Workout seemed to be a good way to start.When I started, I attended one Water Workout session a week for a few months and gradually started going to more classes. When lockdown started, I was thinking about starting other fitness classes. Your Zoom classes gave me the opportunity to try other things in the comfort of my own home. I discovered that I enjoyed everything.

After The Hive re-opened, I have tried all the fitness classes and now try to go at least twice a day to something. I noticed that I didn't seem to get so tired after each session and now I just feel invigorated and my mobility has improved - I don't use a stick anymore and I have lost about 15kgs in weight. I keep discovering muscles that I didn't know existed... My friends are astonished to see the positive change going to The Hive regularly has had on me. I am walking upright now and my whole attitude to life has changed for the better. I was also pleased to discover that my membership works at a Better gym near my daughter's house in Surrey. I don't have to miss any days exercise whenI visit her."

January member of the month The Hive Ely