Date posted 01 Sep 2023

August 2023 Update


Our head of soft play Shelia was our August staff member of the month as she’s made our sessions a huge success, with her warm welcomes and engagement with every customer. On top of this Shelia organised colour-themed sessions where we’d give out free balloons, as well as a teddy bear bounce. We didn’t think bouncy castles could get any more exciting until these sessions were introduced, all the children loved it, having fun while making new friends and sharing all the toys while having a great time bouncing around together. Keep an eye out for more special soft play sessions!

Monthly Update | The Hive Ely



Dwight is a familiar face from around our centre, you may have met him up in the gym while he put you through your paces in a workout, spotted him in the lifeguarding chair, or been greeted by a warm welcome as you came in. Due to Dwight's vast array of skills we were excited when he applied for the Duty Manager role at our centre. Our managers Jason and Raj said ‘it’s fantastic to engage and work with people who live within the community and share our passion to continue to improve the health and well-being of East Cambridgeshire through the services we deliver’. Here is what Dwight has to say: ‘I was keen to progress my career within leisure and this was an opportunity I couldn’t miss. Thank you for the support from the team, everyone is a privilege to work with'. We believe Dwight has a bright future ahead and we can’t wait to work with him more in the future.

Monthly Update | The Hive Ely



Sometimes waiting at reception for your swimming session or class can get a little bit boring, which is why we have introduced our question of the week. Our first week was ‘What is your go-to song that you listen to in the gym’, and our board filled up within a couple of days! There were so many great tracks on there that we have passed the list on to our fitness instructors to use in their classes. We love to spread positivity therefore our second question of the week was: what’s your favourite motivational quote, ‘why is the sky the limit when there are footprints on the moon’ was definitely a firm favourite of ours. Make sure you keep an eye out each week for our new question and if you have any suggestions please just let our concierges know.


July 2023 Update


Starting in October 2022 15 adults along with 15+ teens and children, have been gathering for an informal, friendly (yet competitive) kick-around at our centre every couple of months, in the interests of building community, relationships, and links across all ages. The event is organised by Rachael Heffer, a member of the Countess Church in Ely, Rachael says 'It has become apparent that we were struggling to reconnect with some of our teenagers that were a key part of the Church family and wider network after lockdowns etc. With football, we found that loads of people wanted to join in on the action, both with wanting to play and those coming to cheer them on from the side-lines! Footie Sundays have been hugely popular, here at the Hive we love seeing our community come together to support one another and more importantly having fun!

Monthly Update | The Hive Ely



It’s been a pleasure to have so many local students for work experience at our centre this month. Spending time in every area of our centre they’ve gained valuable industry experience and brought fresh ideas to the Hive. Here is what Louis our Assistant Manager has to say about their time with us: ‘It’s incredible to meet such young enthusiastic individuals. Being passionate about what you do is vital, it was clear each student was keen to learn and gain as much experience as possible. All our staff gave outstanding feedback and we would welcome them back or anyone looking to gain experience any time’. We feel lucky to be able to share what we do and hope to see them pursue a career in leisure in the future.



We’re super pleased to announce that we’ve had another personal trainer join our centre. Harrison has experienced first-hand how having a personal trainer can transform your life. Struggling with his weight and low mental health in his mid-twenties Harrison transformed his body and was inspired to help others as his PT did for him. Harrison specialises in weight loss, nutritional support, muscle development and body toning, most importantly improving people's mind-set. Here is what one of Harrisons' clients had to say about their time training with him: ‘Harrison is a phenomenal trainer. Such a brilliant guy and very professional. Right from the get-go Harrison made me feel at ease, he was very supportive and motivated me to achieve. Harrison has been training me now for just over a year and I’m in the best shape of my life!’. Harrison has quickly settled into working at the Hive, a big thank you from Harrison and all of us to everyone that has made him feel so welcome.

Monthly Update | The Hive Ely


June 2023 Update


We weren’t ready to admit defeat after a previous badminton tournament a couple of months ago, which meant it was time for another member’s vs staff event. A hot (ish!) summer evening only meant one thing, we held a summer sports evening on our 3G pitch with a variety of events including tug of war, wellie wanging and relays. Team spirit was high through the whole event and it was safe to say our members were determined to not let us win, we got pulled over in the tug of war and chucked a couple of points away in the wellie wanging, however, we managed to sprint our way up the leaderboard and our team work from the three-legged race meant we took first place! This means we need a tiebreaker, with two member's v staff events this year and the score one all, we can’t wait to hold a 2023 final!

Monthly Update | The Hive Ely



More and more women have been getting into weightlifting due to all its vast array of benefits. Weight training is no longer seen as making women bulky and mainly for men, but instead it builds confidence and helps people shape their dream bodies. We were keen to educate more females on the advantages and battle gym anxiety, therefore we teamed up with one of our personal trainers Rhea Miller to start women’s only weight lifting classes. Rhea won Your Personal Training PT of the year, therefore with her expertise and relatability meant we are super excited to run these classes twice a week in a quiet section of our gym. Here is what Rhea has to say: “It’s lovely to be a part of so many women’s journeys into weightlifting. I’m grateful for the opportunity to meet so many incredible women being able to see them learn, build confidence and transform their bodies”. Our first couple of sessions were hugely popular, we see more of you attending.

Monthly Update | The Hive ElyMonthly Update | The Hive Ely



We have lots of exciting news to share this month about our swim teacher team and their sessions. Firstly we’re excited to say Isabella is one of our latest members of staff to join the Hive, straight from doing her GCSEs into a STA Award in teaching swimming Isabella is now a fully qualified swim teacher. We’re thrilled to have such a hard-working member added to our team. Isabella will start teaching in the next few weeks, therefore please help make her feel welcome and settled into our wonderful community. Secondly, we’ve extended our Swimbies programme by adding another Saturday session, allowing us to teach even more of you an incredible life skill. On top of that, our member of the month was also a young swimmer, who’s overcome a fear of water, now successfully being able to swim on her front and back. We’re sure we’ll have more exciting swim news in the upcoming months, especially as we’re recruiting more swim teachers, therefore if you’re interested in qualifying or are already and want to join our team please contact

Monthly Update | The Hive Ely


May 2023 Update


Here at the Hive, we believe mental health is just as important as physical, this mental health awareness week was the perfect time to show our support. The main aim was to get our members thinking, build positivity and encourage people to help and inspire others. Both up in the gym and at reception we created a mental well-being board for people to reflect on what they’re grateful for and what they’ve achieved, sometimes it’s important to look back to see how far you’ve already come. It’s lovely to see so many people writing their thoughts to encourage and motivate others. At the end of the week, so everyone could collect their thoughts, Fion ran a mindfulness class, giving our members time to relax, reflect and self-focus. Everyone left feeling more connected with themselves, less stressed and with a tranquil mind. We hope that even after that week everyone continues to put their mental health first and raise awareness to help others.

Monthly Update | The Hive Ely



We have countless exciting activities that take place in our sports hall, however, we couldn’t resist the opportunity to add one more to the list! Pickleball is one of the fastest-growing sports around the UK so we had to jump on the opportunity to get some paddles and balls. Pickleball dates back to 1965 when it was first a game of badminton played with table tennis rackets and now has its own equipment and set of rules. It has rapidly grown into a worldwide sport. It’s exciting to see so many people giving it a go, even our staff members have had matches and are hoping to be better at this racket sport than we were at badminton in last month’s members v staff tournament! If you haven’t had a game yet we 100% recommend booking a court as we’ve had so much fun and hear amazing feedback.



Our assistant manager Louis ran his first National Pool Lifeguarding Qualification this month at our centre. Inspired by our General Manager Jason, who would normally run them, Louis went on a training course back in April which he passed with flying colours leading to this final part of the qualification. After a week's long course, we’re super proud to say everyone passed and Louis is now in the final stage of his qualification as a NPLQ instructor. Here is what Louis has to say: ‘It has been a pleasure to be able to get to know and teach such an enthusiastic team, everyone was keen to learn and every day gave it their all. I feel lucky to have been presented with the opportunity to be an NPLQ instructor as I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the process and feel honoured that GLL wants me to pass on my skills and knowledge to our future employees. I also started as a lifeguard back in 2018 and now have progressed to an assistant manager, I feel very fortunate and eager to teach more courses later in the year.’ We can’t wait to have future courses run at the Hive and always love to see our staff upskilling to reach their full potential.

Monthly Update | The Hive Ely


April 2023 Update


We decided it was time to show our members what we could do in our member’s v staff badminton tournament. Across our centre we had several members of staff take part from all areas, our management team especially were keen to part to get to know our members on a more relaxed level and to have more face-to-face interaction as they’re often working hard behind the scenes. The tournament started with us winning a couple of matches. It’s unfortunate to say but Team Hive lost, however, we’re extremely proud of our members, with a final score of 2/12 across all our matches.  Most importantly everyone had a tremendous amount of fun, showed their competitive side, and socialised as one big Hive community. We can’t wait for our next tournament, let us know what you think it should be.

Monthly Update | The Hive Ely   Monthly Update | The Hive Ely



A new season only meant one thing, it was time for another yoga workshop. At the end of April Fion ran our spring workshop, which was the perfect opportunity to relax over the Bank Holiday weekend. As always the workshop was hugely popular, and all our members loved it, giving amazing feedback about Fion who’s a credit to our team. We’re already looking forward to her next one so make sure you keep an eye out.

Monthly Update | The Hive Ely



For nearly the past six months, every Tuesday we have hosted the walking tennis group at the Hive. Walking tennis gives everyone an opportunity to play, the gentle pace and adaptability of the sport means it’s suitable no matter your age and ability. Emma and Fiona who run the group have said: 'It's a fun hour-and-a-half session that players can’t wait to play each week. No matter where your starting point is, you can see fitness and mobility and confidence improving before your eyes; it’s exercise, but without you knowing it!' We can't wait to see more people taking part.’ Here at the Hive we couldn’t agree more, it’s incredible to see our community coming together to take part in activities where anyone can join in.

Monthly Update | The Hive Ely


March 2023 Update


We have been thrilled this month to have hosted our very own Hive Duathlon. Working individually or as pairs everyone’s cardiovascular fitness was tested to the limit, pushing through 15 minutes of running and cycling twice to complete the hour’s duathlon. As a team an incredible 100km was covered, due to the outstanding amount of effort all the participants put in! We’re truly inspired by everyone’s determination and the support everyone gave working as a team, but also competing to do their best. We can’t wait to hold more events in the near future and look forward to seeing more of you take part.

Monthly Update | The Hive Ely



We have been thrilled this month to have hosted our very own Hive Duathlon. Working individually or as pairs everyone’s cardiovascular fitness was tested to the limit, pushing through 15 minutes of running and cycling twice to complete the hour’s duathlon. As a team an incredible 100km was covered, due to the outstanding amount of effort all the participants put in! We’re truly inspired by everyone’s determination and the support everyone gave working as a team, but also competing to do their best. We can’t wait to hold more events in the near future and look forward to seeing more of you take part.

Monthly Update | The Hive Ely



After a very busy month at our leisure centre we’re excited to share with all our members, how green we’ve been and with your support how we’ve been able to help the environment. As a centre we recycle 60% of our waste and have had a 47% reduction in electricity consumption March 2022 vs March 2023, everyone has really embraced being on-board with initiatives to reduce energy consumption and have engaged actively in educating one another. Everyone is doing their bit, our management teams from Cambridge as part of our quarterly meetings have arranged a litter pick of one of the local areas to the centres to help reduce the amount of litter that is scattered around. We hope you’ll continue to help us in protecting our environment, and a big thank you from everyone at our centre for all the support that’s been shown so far.


February 2023 Update


This Valentine’s Day our members shared their love of fitness in a paired workout run by Rhea and Adele one of our personal trainers and fitness instructors. It involved challenging paired exercises, fun team competitions, and the big finale of a wheel barrow race to decide our winning couple. A big congratulations to our winning pair Tom and Jamie who continued to push each other to their limit throughout the whole session, as well as flying through the race at the end. It was lovely seeing so many new faces having the confidence to try a class with the encouragement and support of others, which is why we’re so proud of the community that has been built in our centre. Everyone’s team spirit resulted in an intense, but fun workout, feeling the burn from laughing and the training! We can’t wait to see some of you using these workouts in the gym to encourage others to try something new. 

The Hive | Valentines Day



As we mentioned in our last new letter the New Year bring on new challenges, and every one of our swimmers in the swim school crash courses embraced this. Our teachers are overwhelmed by the amount of effort all the participants put in with an incredible amount of progress due to the expert help and guidance of our instructors. It’s unbelievably rewarding teaching such an important life skill, and lovely seeing how passionate all the students are to enrich their learning even in the school holidays. We’d just like to say everyone who took part should be extremely proud of themselves and we hope to see you coming back to continue to improve your swimming.



Fion one of our yoga instructors has started running seasonal workshops at our centre. On top of her regular classes this two hour workshop has allowed our members to further energise their body in a warming and dynamic Vinyasa sequence, while slowing down and drawing attention inward with the Yin practice, taking time to nourish internal systems and reconnect through meditation.  Here is what Fion had to say about her workshop ‘the Winter yoga workshop in January went well and was very well supported.  I feel privileged to be able to share my practice and grateful to receive lots of amazing feedback. We chanted, moved, breathed, meditated and relaxed in unison.  All participants felt revitalized after the workshop’. It’s always a pleasure at the Hive to support our instructors in what they do best, with enthusiasm of our members it’s always a huge success. Keep an eye out for the spring workshop in April, make sure you book yourself a place early!

Monthly Update | The Hive Ely


January 2023 Update


We're thrilled to have welcomed so many new members to our centre and to hear everyone's 2023 goals. It has been truly inspiring to listen to the diverse stories of our members and to see the supportive and inclusive atmosphere that has been established within our community. One of the things that makes our centre unique is the sense of friendship among members. Whether it's spotting someone using gym equipment, supporting each other in classes, or simply offering a smile of encouragement, our members consistently go above and beyond to create a welcoming environment. Whether you're a seasoned fitness enthusiast or new to the world of exercise, our centre is the perfect place to start your journey. We hope to see you soon and wish you all the best in your 2023 goals!

Monthly Update | The Hive Ely



As the new year begins, it's time to embrace new opportunities and challenges, and what better way to do that than by introducing a new class to our fitness timetable. Introducing "Strength" class, a new addition to our weekly schedule, every Wednesday and Thursday evening. Our certified fitness instructors have designed this class to help members build muscle, tone their bodies, and improve their overall fitness levels. The feedback from our members who have attended the strength class has been overwhelmingly positive. They have reported that they have seen improvements in their form and have learned new exercises that they can incorporate into their regular gym routine. Our instructors have also provided helpful tips and guidance to further enhance the members' experience.



At our fitness centre, we believe in the power of healthy competition and pushing ourselves to reach new heights. That's why every month, we introduce a new gym challenge for our members to participate in. This month's challenge was a test of grip and upper body strength, with the task of completing the longest dead hang. We were impressed by the number of members who took part in the challenge, and even more so by those who kept trying to improve their time. The dedication and perseverance shown by our members is truly inspiring. We would like to extend a special congratulations to Lewi Buxton, who emerged as the winner of this month's challenge by holding a dead hang for 2 minutes 30 seconds. It's always exciting to see members taking on new challenges and pushing themselves to reach new heights. As we move into the next month, we encourage all members to keep an eye out for our next gym challenge and to continue pushing themselves to reach new levels of fitness.

Monthly Update | The Hive Ely


November & December 2022 Update


We've got great news for our members who are a part of the Healthwise programme and are looking for that extra support on the gym floor. Jack, our GP referral facilitator, will now be available on the gym floor to assist, give advice and motivate you so you can feel more confident during your workouts. Go on our website or ask a team member for more information.

November/December Update | The Hive Ely



Our staff is what makes our centre even better, and we are proud to announce the huge success of three staff members. Amy, Louis and Liam are one of the most dedicated and hardworking individuals whose professionalism and enthusiasm have been noticed by our management team. For this outstanding work, they were all promoted and changed job positions. Amy, who you may remember from our reception, took over the Duty Manager position, Louis has progressed to Assistance Manager, and Liam took over duty as a Senior Recreational Assistant. Congratulations to all of you, and good luck!



Earlier in 2022, our centre went through a makeover, including fresh paint, wall art, and new state-of-the-art gym equipment from our partner Technogym. Following this re-decoration, a professional photoshoot took place in November to show how our centre has changed. We want to say thank you to all our amazing members and staff who helped us and volunteered to be models. We are delighted with the final pictures and can't wait to share more of them with you on our website and social media.

November/December Update | The Hive Ely



As a community, our members are at the heart of our centre. In December, we worked as a team to complete our UK to the North Pole challenge! The aim was to collectively cover the 3849.79km it takes to travel between the two places. We're very pleased to see so many members getting involved, whether when they were training in the gym, taking part in a class or including their daily step count, we were all keen to reach our target and knew every little bit quickly added up. A big thank you to everyone that took part. We loved your drive and determination! We would also like to express our deepest appreciation to all our younger members who helped us decorate the centre by colouring the festive bunting. Thanks to them, we could add more personal and handmade touch to our centre's festive decorations.

November/December Update | The Hive Ely


October 2022 Update


After its success last year we held our Halloween-themed Zumba run by Magda and a dress to scare competition! Amazing effort by everyone that took part, this year Janine won with her terrifyingly good makeup, there was many imaginative ideas. For the first time, we also held spooky chair based exercise, led by Jack, whose scary choice of music was enough to get anyone’s heart racing! Again incredible atmosphere and costumes created by everyone.

October 2022 Update | The Hive Ely

October 2022 Update | The Hive Ely



As well as our Halloween classes we had our Pumpkin challenge held throughout the day on the gym floor. The aim of the challenge was to hold a wall sit with the pumpkin out in front of you for as long as you could. So many of our members took on the challenge with very impressive times, however an extra big congratulations to James who achieved it for the longest!

October Update 2022 | The Hive Ely



Our manager Jason ran another NPLQ course this month, qualifying several new lifeguards. Jason says ‘It’s good to see so many young people getting involved in working in leisure, supporting their community and learning such incredible life-saving skills’. The participants were all passionate and keen to learn.



Paula has joined The Hive this month and has very quickly settled in as part of our team. You’ll see Paula welcoming you with a smile at reception, and putting you through your paces in the gym and classes. With years of experience and knowledge in the fitness industry, she’s ready to lend a hand and answer any questions you may have, so please say hi and introduce yourself to her.

October 2022 Update | The Hive Ely



We’ve been supporting local events and the community selling fireworks selling bonfire night tickets. Tickets had been rapidly selling with many people looking forward to the firework display! We’ll always do anything we can to support our local community.


September 2022 Update


Every year National Fitness Day promotes a healthy lifestyle and highlights the role physical activity plays across the UK, encouraging people to have fun while keeping fit! We celebrated this by holding our biggest ever body conditioning class!  Our instructor Michelle led the event taking participants through a fun and intense full body workout using minimal equipment. It just goes to show you can get an intense workout with just body weight exercises! Everyone was so encouraging and supportive of each other, showing how fitness creates positivity, empowerment and a sense of community.

September 2022 Update | The Hive Ely



Our Swim Doctor has been helping with everyone’s swimming needs! From learning to swim, to improving technique or training for an event. We’ve held both learn and train swim classes to help focus on our members goals. The Swim Doctor have seen all the participants make amazing progress during these sessions.



Fion, one of our yoga instructors, held an autumn workshop. As it’s a time when the weather gets cooler, we begin to draw energy inward, giving us time to pause, reflect and process what came of the summer. This practice involves dynamic Vinyasa flow static Yin postures, leading participants systems to harmonize and create a state of ease with our relationship to change. Everyone came out of the workshop feeling relaxed and revitalised, ready for the colder winter months.

September 2022 Update | The Hive Ely


One of our personal trainers takes on the challenge of climbing Scafell Pike!

Josh took on the incredible challenge of hiking up Scafell Pike to raise money for Centre 33 who supports young people’s mental health and to spread awareness of Trash Free Trails who help protect trails and many other wild places. Josh completed the hike in approximately 3 hours 20 mins, enjoying the stunning view at the top, as well as raising money for a very worthy cause.


August 2022 Update


On the second weekend of August, we held our Be Inspired event! Giving members the opportunity to try new activities such as badminton and basketball, as well as join in on a free taster Zumba class! Our instructor Magda led the class, as always bringing high energy and putting a smile on everyone’s faces! We had some of our regular Zumba members attend too, who made new participants feel very welcome, with a big sense of community! So inspiring seeing everyone come together, performing like they’ve been dancing together for years!

August update | The Hive Ely



This summer we have been offering extra junior gym sessions in both the morning and afternoon to fit around everyone’s holiday plans. Our juniors have taken to so many different types of training, some focusing on their cardio, especially loving our stair masters! Others like using the resistance machines to incorporate lifting into their workouts, helping perfect their form and technique! Where as other have ventured into calisthenics using our boxes, bars and TRX to train!

As well as this we’ve also had our adult and child gym sessions where we’ve seen families come together to train, often the children getting their parents to train as hard as possible to see if they can keep up!

Twice a week we continued to run junior multi sports, one of our favourite summer games has been rounder’s, it makes keeping fit even more fun and a little competitive! It also meant we could go outside on our outdoor pitch and enjoy the lovely weather.



As an extra to swimming lessons we held swim school crash courses this summer! There were  two separate groups sessions: one where  children would learn to swim, building up their skills one by one from getting their legs off the pool floor to fully going under water, the other was a top up on our foundation sessions, where individuals would work on the areas they needed in order to pass their current level. Everyone made an amazing amount of progress, and was more confident swimmers by the end of it.

August update | The Hive Ely


July 2022 Update


On Sunday the 10th of July, one of our instructors Michelle held a two hour body conditioning workshop. During this workshop our members were taught the correct form when lifting, improved their strength and developed flexibility.

All the members that took part said they loved the class, and felt huge improvements on their form, especially seeing results on how the exercises now target particular muscles, hitting just the right spots! Participants were taught exercises such as bench press, squats and deadlifts, learning many tips and tricks to get perfect form every time. Our members now feel more confident to achieve the correct form when lifting and can't wait to put this into practice in future classes, workshops and in the gym, as well as passing their skills and tips onto others! Knowledge is definitely power! More workshops will be coming soon so stay tuned!

July update 2022 | The Hive ElyJuly 2022 Update | The Hive Ely



Another huge achievement this month was from Laura, who’s made amazing progress in her swimming lessons! Two years ago Laura had a frightening accident in the main pool and after that; she was really scared to try swimming there again. She continued with her lessons in the teaching pool and finally, recently she was brave enough to jump in the deep water again. Laura is really happy, also her mum is super proud of her and so are we!

July 2022 update | The Hive Ely



Noel and Angela first met in a spin class at The Hive, and have been regular members ever since, going from strength to strength in their relationship and training! On the 27th of July they officially became husband and wife inviting some of our members and fitness team to their reception! Huge congratulations to them both! We all wish them a lifetime full of love, happiness and many more spin classes together!

July 2022 update | The Hive Ely


June 2022 Update


On the 30th of June, our team travelled to Birmingham to represent The Hive at the UKActive conference and awards. Huge congratulations to Magda our Health & Fitness Lead for being shortlisted as one of the finalists.

Also, big hip hip hooray to Britannia Leisure Centre for WINNING the New Concept, Build or Design of the year award!

ukactive awards 2022

Open weekend at The Hive!

On the 25th and 26th of June, our centre opened its doors to anyone who wanted to try out our gym, fitness classes or personal training sessions. Everyone was able to test new equipment that recently arrived at the gym, get support from one of the fitness instructors on training or nutrition, or join a 30 minutes consultation and PT session. Non-members had also the possibility to book taster fitness classes and choose from two of our most popular sessions: Zumba and Aqua Aerobics. It was great to see many new faces at our centre, show around the facilities and chat about what activities the centre has to offer. 

the hive ely open weekend june 2022


The Sutton Beast Race!

This weekend on Sunday the 12th of June our fitness team had the opportunity to join The Sutton Beast event. The Sutton Beast is a Multi-Terrain 10km chipped timed race, organized in the Cambridgeshire village of Sutton. Our fitness instructors volunteered to warm up the runners before the 10K challenging race and have been offering fitness and health advice to the participants and supporters. Congratulations to everyone on finishing the race. A special well done to one of our members, Tom for a great effort and amazing time regardless of his ongoing injury!


May 2022 Update

Slow Flow Yoga Sunday Workshop!

22 memebers and non-memebrs joined this amazing 2 hour extended yoga time with Fion on Sunday 22nd May. This Slow Flow yoga workshop gave a gentle yet powerful opportunity to slow down, pause, and unwind. With move, stretch, breathe, and deep relaxation participants were set up for the week ahead. It's been a blend of gentle slow flowing movements, and longer held Yin yoga postures, along with simple yet effective breathing techniques, meditation and ended with a lovely guided relaxation that restored the balance of the nervous system.



On Wednesday the 11th May the Hive celebrated their 4th anniversary. The day was filled with events and loads of smiley faces. Our two amazing fitness instructors, Michelle and Julie ran additional free fitness taster classes: Pilates and Aqua. Non-members were able to book a tour around the centre and have a look at our new equipment, that had just arrive in the gym. At 1:30pm everyone gathered to sing happy birthday around an impressive and especially designed for this occasion, birthday cake. Centre manager, Rajan Singh blew the candle out, cutting the first piece together with general manager Jason Parker. Everyone was able to enjoy a treat from the red velvet cake, which was massive but so good that it didn't even last a day!

The Hive 4th Birthday Elyhive birthday cake ely



April 2022 Update


Aqua Aerobics is one of our most popular classes here at the Hive. For that reason Hive's team decided to organise a special 1,5h splashy aqua marathon for our members. The event took place on 23rd May at The Hive Leisure Centre in Ely, where 22 participants joined the aqua challenge in the main pool. The session was divided into three sections: Aqua Zumba, Deep Water Workout and Tabata Blast. It started with a warm up and fun routines to heat up the atmosphere in the pool. There is no better way to do this than Aqua Zumba! Salsa, merengue, samba and much more, making everyone splash, dance and giggle with loads of smiley faces. After Aqua Zumba, everyone swam to the deep end to work out on core strength and experience some floaty challenges. The third section took place in shallow water next to the wall, with three tabata style workouts to burn off more calories. The event finished with a gentle cool down and stretch. Everyone enjoyed the challenge and gave amazing feedback, wishing for marathons like this to be organised more often.

aqua aerobics marathon the hive ely



In April our centre went through a little makeover. Our gym facilities changed the most, with new colours being added along with motivational vinyls. The gym has been divided by three zones: cardio (purple), strength (orange) and functional (blue). The colourful layout added new energy to motivate members during their workouts. On top of the new colour scheme, more mirrors have been installed at the end of the strength area. The rest of the centre changed as well, with Better’s company green colour being added and inspirational wall stickers placed in Studio 2. All of those changes have made the whole centre look refreshed and invigorating.

new gym 2.0 the hive

March 2022 Update


the hive red nose cycle marathon 2022

This year our fitness team decided to support Comic Relief and ran a fundraising group cycle marathon for Red Nose Day 2022. 

Red Nose Day is a campaign with the mission to end child poverty by funding programs that keep children safe, healthy, educated and empowered.
Through the power of entertainment, it brings people together to laugh and have fun, all while raising life-changing cash for the children that need it the most.

Our event took place on Friday the 18th March from 6:15pm to 8:30p:m. It was a big night raising money for a great cause with our center raising over £210. Three indoor cycle classes were ran by our amazing fitness professionals Adele, Magda and Michelle, each teaching a 40 minute class. Members could pay £5 to rent the bike for each class they joined and many came dressed up in red and wearing their red noses. Seven participants were brave enough to take on the challenge and attend all three sessions.

The event was a great success and with many calories burnt. All participants finished the challenge which was a fantastic achievement.

the hive red nose day 2022


February 2022 Update

Valentine's Day celebration with Aqua Aerobic's Partner workout!

How did you celebrate Valentine's Day yesterday? Here at The Hive we had loads of fun with Aqua Aerobics partner workout! Such a great way to exercise!
Well done to everyone who attended and splashed around with us! BETTER TOGETHER! ❤️

aqua aerobics hive partner workout valentine's day 2022aqua aerobics hive partner workout valentine's day 2022


Children's Mental Health Week 2022 at The Hive

Children's mental health charity Place2Be has set up Children's Mental Health Week 2022 to highlight the importance of mental health for children and young people.

We all have mental health. Some people may have mental health problems. In fact, up to 1 in 4 of us will experience mental health problems at some time in our lives.

During Children's Mental Health Week 2022, we can take some time to focus on mental health.
Encourage children to think of how they can best look after their own mental health and how they can support family or friends with their mental health too.

What is the theme for Children's Mental Health Week 2022?

Each year there is a different theme for Children's Mental Health Week. This year, the theme for Children's Mental Health Week 2022 is 'Growing Together'.

Growing Together is about growing emotionally and finding ways to help each other grow.
Challenges and setbacks can help us to grow and adapt and trying new things can help us to move beyond our comfort zone into a new realm of possibility and potential.

GET INVOLVED AND: Dress to Express and make a massive difference!

By getting involved, you'll not only be raising important awareness,
but also vital funds to ensure every child has easy access to mental health support.

Join us on the 11th February and express yourself by wearing your favourite colour,
a range of colours or even a whole unique outfit to express how you are feeling and donating £2 to PLACE2BE.

Children Mental Health Week Hive 2022Supporting Children Mental Health Hive Ely



Well done Michelle!

Although January is a busy month for the fitness industry, our fitness team are still working hard to develop themself. Michelle did amazing job by completing and passing her ICG (Indoor Group Cycle) training. Now she will be teaching group cycling for you every Wednesday 12:15pm and Thursday 9:15am!

Michelle ICG


December 2021 Update

In December our staff were busy with three major events: Christmas Charity Zumbathon, Staff Christmas Celebration and Company Communication and Training Day. Let’s have a closer look at what happened in each of those events.

Charity Zumbathon
December is the most important time to support the most vulnerable and to make their Christmas time a little brighter. That’s why The Hive’s Fitness Team decided to help and support the wishes of children with life-threatening medical conditions. Two of our most energetic and enthusiastic instructors Magda & Mark accompanied by our amazing members,  danced for two hours in aid of Make a Wish Charity. Huge congratulations to everyone for finishing the two hour Zumbathon and supporting this amazing cause!

Make a Wish Zumbathon The Hive Ely


Staff Christmas Celebration
On the 17th December, the centre closed earlier so the  whole of the Hive staff members could attend the Isle of Ely for a meal and a drink. It was the first moment in a long time when The Hive’s Team were able to get together and reflect on the last two years, to celebrate the progress and achievements they have made together, despite the tough times.

 The Hive Ely Christmas 2021


Company Communication and Training Day
Wednesday 22nd December, the centre was completely closed for Company Communication and Training Day. It’s an important day for the whole organisation. Because of Pandemic it had been cancelled for the past two years. Finally this year with smaller numbers and social distancing in place, The Hive’s staff members were able to get together to review last year achievements and discuss goals for the upcoming year.

 the hive ely comms day 2021


But that’s not all…
In December we also had a special guest visiting our centre to try out the facilities and our fitness classes. Please see below pictures from when Elf on the Self visited and what he was up to!

the hive ely elf on the self


November 2021 Update

Ely Markets

In November our centre had the opportunity to join Ely Markets, promoting our centre and work alongside Healthy You Cambridgeshire and Peterborough.

On Thursday 18th November our friendly staff were on a market stand, providing informtion about our centre and services. Anyone interested in trying out The Hive's facilities were able to attempt a fitness challange and win a free day pass to the centre.

On Saturday 20th November, we joined Healthy You Cambridgeshire and Peterborough to promote a healthier lifestyle, providing health MOT's and giving nutritional and fitness adivise. All of those who joined and checked their blood pressure, oxygen level and BMI received an oportunity to book free activity at The Hive. On the day we also had available a spin bike to show our community how long it takes to burn off calories from certain foods.

Huge congratualtions to all of those who won the free entry to our facilities!
Many thanks to all our members who came to see us and say hello.

Ely Markets Hive 1Ely Markets Hive 2Ely Markets Hive Bike

October 2021  Update

Our Centre had a really busy time in October. With preparations for our gym extension and two events: A bake sale for “Wear It Pink” Cancer Research Charity and Halloween. Read below for more details about all the exciting things that happened:  

Gym Extension Update

We are getting closer to extending our weight and resistance training area on the gym floor. This month space has been made and new flooring laid, ready for the new equipment to be placed. All staff and members are excited for the upcoming changes. 

Delicious day at The Hive while supporting Breast Cancer Now Charity for WEAR IT PINK day 2021!

On 22nd October 2021 our centre held a charity bake sale event for “Wear It Pink”. Members and staff could participate by donating cakes and funds. There was a varied choice of cakes, brownies, cupcakes, biscuits and pastries available throughout the day. 

Special recognition goes to one of our members who owns Tasty Smiles bakery, for donating loads of delicious cakes and pastries. 

We were able to raise an amount of £150 and help to make life-saving research happen. Huge thanks to all participants who supported that amazing cause! 

Bake Sale Wear it pink The Hive Ely Hive Bake Sale Wear it Pink 2021



Another frightening halloween at The Hive Leisure Centre took place on Sunday 31st October 2021. The whole centre was decorated in the halloween spirit. On the day members were able to join themed classes like Spooky Circuit, Terrifying Pilates and a Bloody Zumba Masterclass. Members dressed up as skeletons, pumpkins, scary cheerleaders, zombies and more. After the  Zumba Masterclass with two of our craziest Zumba instructors Magda and Mark, came time for The Best Costume Competition Awards. The award went to one of our most dedicated members - Rania K., who received a certificate and a skeleton award. 

Following the classes and Best Costume competition awards, participants were invited to join an Inflatable obstacle course. Members and staff raced against each other, in various ways including relay races and timed games. In the end two teams competed against each other, to find the fastest and scariest team. Teams were divided by colours and every team member had to go around twice to finish the race. All participants had a great time with loads of laughter and calories burned. We have received amazing feedback from the event. Everyone loved the inflatable obstacle course idea as they said they could feel like kids again. It was the first time our centre has organised an inflatable obstacle race for adults but it definitely wasn’t the last one! 

Huge well done to everyone for dressing up and participating in our fun, spooky halloween event. 

Halloween 2021 The Hive Ely ZumbaHalloween 2021 The Hive Ely Games