Date posted 10 Aug 2018

“I have always loved football from an early age and played regularly on Saturdays and Sundays up until about 30 years of age. After that I still enjoyed occasional 5-a-side with friends.

About two years ago I saw an advert for Walking football sessions being held at Barnet FC, at The Hive Stadium, Camrose Avenue, Edgware. I thought it sounded interesting, and decided to pop along to see what it was all about, with not very high expectations. How wrong I was.

I was welcomed by all like a long-lost friend, and was amazed how much I enjoyed it.

It is one of the fastest growing sports in England, and there are over 1,000 clubs participating.

I never thought I would be searching for my football trainers at aged 60, let alone having a trial for England.

The football side of it is great, but just as important is the social side. Meeting lots of new people and the fun we have is fantastic.

Getting out and about is fantastic for keeping fit, and your mental and physical well-being. I would thoroughly recommend to anybody who enjoys the game to join up at your local club. It does not matter what standard you are, you will always be welcomed and encouraged, particularly at Barnet FC, where facilities are fantastic. After the sessions, which are open to ladies and gentlemen, we retire for a coffee, or something stronger!!!

Walking football was started to encourage the over-50s to get more active and form new friendships. You will certainly do both. We have players from aged 50-83 at our sessions, which are held on Thursdays, 7-8 pm, and Friday afternoons 2-3 pm. Please come along if you would like to give it a try, you will be most welcome.

There are approximately 25 countries playing the sport worldwide.

England are hosting a European championship in 2019, and a World Cup in 2020. So come on everybody, pop along and have a look, join in if you fancy it. Fun and exercise, a perfect combination.”