Date posted 02 Sep 2021

We are so excited to be able to let you know that you'll now be able to enjoy Sugden, the Universities' Sports Centre for longer.

Changes to Opening Hours......

From Monday 6th September our hours will return to:

Monday to Friday         07.30 to 22.30
Saturday & Sunday     09.00 to 19.30

We will be open for gym, fitness classes, outdoor football, badminton and squash. 

It's never been easier to book online or via the Better UK app, simply choose your day, activity and time slot, read and accept the conditions, click confirm and you're good to go - it literally only takes seconds! 

For more information on how to book, get the Better UK app or create an online account simply tap the image. 

You'll find your Membership Number and a handy password re-set button at the top right of this email, so you'll be able to login to your online account with ease. All you'll need to remember is your registered email address (it may be this one) and you can get started.

Managing your bookings...

  • Bookings can be made via the Better UK app or online before you visit 
  • It's quick and easy to cancel your booking via the app, and you can do so up to four hours BEFORE your session, giving you flexibility to change your plans

A reminder on how to book via the Better UK app or online...


We look forward to seeing you again soon - and for longer!

The team at Sugden