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Date posted 05 May 2022

If you’re living with Dementia or care for someone who is, come along to our new swimming session. With accessible equipment and facilities you can relax and enjoy your swim in a safe environment.

Our dementia friendly swim session is at a quiet time where the leisure centre isn't too busy. You will have the time you need to access the changing rooms and get ready to swim without feeling rushed. Clear signage will be in place to help you navigate around the leisure centre without feeling lost. There will also be dedicated lanes to swim in if you are a complete beginner and other lanes for more experienced swimmers who may want to swim with other people of a similar standard.

If you don't feel confident in coming on your own then you can bring a carer along for free.

Session details:

Day & time: Monday 12.00 - 13.30

Cost: £5.45 - Carers go free

For more information please email: or phone 01183 044861

How does swimming help?

Swimming and socialising within a leisure centre environment is great for people living with dementia and their carers. It provides an opportunity to relax and take some time-out.

Head of Health and Wellbeing at Swim England, Elaine McNish said: “People with dementia often become isolated. The programme provides a good opportunity for people living with dementia to come together and share their stories and create a support network.  This also gives time-out for carers and provides extra opportunities for support.

“The other remarkable thing about swimming is that for many people it is associated with happy childhood memories. So swimming can have a very positive affect on an individual’s mood. This often lasts longer than just the swim.”

Recent work on dementia swimming has also shown that by making swimming pools dementia friendly, they are also having a positive impact for people with a range of lifelong health conditions.