Date posted 19 Jul 2023

Join us for an exciting open weekend of 90’s themed activities at your local leisure centre where we celebrate 30 years of GLL’s passion and purpose across the UK. Bring your friends and family along for celebrations, free activities and fun between Friday 21st, Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd July 2023.

Friday 21st Swim For All 15:00-15:50pm Studio Pool 

Saturday 22nd 90's themed Zumba 10:30am, swim for all 12:00-14:30pm studio & main pool 

Sunday 23rd Aqua Aerobics 14:00pm Studio Pool followed by coffee and cake in the café

 Founded in 1993, GLL is now the UK’s largest public leisure and libraries co-operative and charitable social enterprise and has a clear mission to improve the physical, mental and social health of local communities. In 2022, GLL’s activities raised £390m in social value in local communities, independently audited and measured across a series of indicators including health and wellbeing. 

GLL runs services under the ‘Better’ brand and is demonstrably successful in getting people more physically active – with over 50m customer visits each year. Tackling health inequalities helps GLL support the NHS and local authority health and social agendas.

GLL is also a catalyst for the local economy - providing employment and training opportunities in libraries, children’s centres and leisure centres. 

What make us different?

We are a not-for-profit leisure and cultural social enterprise which means a business run on charitable lines, which is dedicated to improving the lives of its customers.

Our ethos means any trading surpluses do not line the pockets of corporate fat cats or dividend-earning shareholders (we have none) but are reinvested in the service - removing barriers to participation, developing our staff and investing in grassroots sports development.

Since 1993 we have been able to re-invest over £100m back into our facilities and services.

For more information visit The Queen's Diamond Jubilee Centre, Rugby | Gym, Pool & More | Better