I have now been coming here, to Hatfield Swim centre, since December 2018. I would say properly since January 2019 just after Christmas. 

I needed to have something to focus on after my wife passed away in November. 

When I started I weighed 17st 8lb. It was time for me to try and loose weight and become more healthy. 

I signed up and had my induction with Michael. He set out a program for me to work towards, which was what I needed.  Michael gave me goals to reach and something to push myself towards. 

I was committed to coming 3 times a week and I have now reached 14st 12 in 5 months. It’s been hard at times in more ways than one but well worth it. 

I now come twice a week, but go jogging now the weather is nice. 

Coming here has obviously helped with my health I feel like I can do more and have more energy. There’s been a good atmosphere from day one which is always nice when you come through the doors.