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Oliver’s fitness journey started with us here at Hatfield Swim Centre 6 months ago. Oliver started out as a skinny lad who wanted to build muscle and put on weight but didn’t know how to go about it. He started off training by himself, in the way he thought was best.  After 3 months there was no progress, Oliver’s starting weight was 9 stone but he was at the same weight after the 3 months. Oliver then spoke to one our instructors, Alejandro, for guidance and knowledge of how to reach his goal.

Alejandro put him on a muscle building training program and aided him with nutritional advice. After making these changes Oliver went from weighting 9 stone to now weighing 11.5 stone. This change was due to just after 3 months training and using the advice and knowledge the Fitness Instructor delivered to him.

Oliver’s next goal is to build up strength in the 3 main compound lifts; Squat, Bench press and Deadlift. He is again going to seek a new training program from the instructor to reach his new goal.