Freestyle Fitness Yoga


18:30 - 19:30

Loosen up and let go! Our mix of Yoga classes feature a range of exercises from energetic, full-body workouts to relaxing, more traditional poses.

Better for: Gaining peace of mind, improving overall strength and wellbeing.

Approximate calories burned per hour 165

Our Yoga instructor, Karol, has 10 years experience as a fitness instructor, teaching Yoga. Karol's Freestyle Yoga class takes the three essential elements of fitness - flexibility, strength and balance and uses the yoga postures to teach them. The class does not involve meditation, just a little relaxation at the end. Karol allows her participants to find their own way, by giving clear teaching points, correcting only when absolutely necessary. She feels it is important that people learn to understand their own bodies and how they are aligned. The class will leave your body feeling warm and worked out and your mind feeling clearer.

This class is suitable for all levels, and anyone can join in at any time - so come along and join Karol in the rejuvenating session.