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Date posted 23 Aug 2021

Late summer and we have hardly had any high summer temperatures or long spells of dry weather to parch the course, and we still have good grass on all of our areas and the look is still very good. Having only a partly irrigated course means that over the last 5 years we have lost our fairway and surrounds early on in the season and the general outlook of the course was dry and with very little definition of areas. The greens are still playing well and with weekly maintenance will continue well into autumn, but its also a time to be on guard for fusarium as the night temperatures drop in early autumn which is only next month! The greens have been fertilised recently and will receive more in the coming weeks along with applications of Iron and phosphates for disease control.

Some greens have been reduced in areas where roots from trees have been taking irrigation water and drying them out and other areas where slowly they have been cut wider and wider over the years.

Fairways and tees are still very lush and needing constant maintenance to provide good playing areas and definition but the usual pests such as rabbits and corvids (crows, magpies) are damaging areas and need constant control through the autumn and winter.