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Date posted 17 Mar 2020

Our spring dressing is either on the greens or about to be applied as this update comes out, this is our most important dressing as it raises the soil levels and fills in the minute dips and hollows to help smoothen out the surface. Having already had an application of turf hardener and then a fertiliser the greens are showing some consistent growth and are in a good condition for the works to take place.

Once seed has been sown and the dressing has been applied and drag matted into the surface it normally takes a few weeks for the results to start to be seen providing we do not get a cold snap that slows grass growth.

The work on greens does not stop there though as we slowly bring down the height of cut to meet the raised soil and level up the species of grass we follow it by a weekly vibro rolling and scarification and sarrol rolling which is all completed so that we can speed up the greens and have a smooth, final putting surface in April.

We now need consistent temperatures and regular but not torrential rainfall to help all of these works bed in which in turn will give us consistent growth to be able to work with.

With the rise in temperatures and small grass growth we have been able to cut fairways and surrounds, green approaches and tees which noticeably tidy’s up the areas and makes a neat presentation as well as a definition between areas,  hopefully the temperatures will carry on and this repetitive maintenance will continue.

Next week we hope to be adding sand to the bunkers and spraying the bunker surrounds with a grass growth retarder and then putting a total weed killer around the obstacles like bins and signs. Once this has been done and we are happy with temperatures, soiling and seeding of the bare patches on the bunkers will take place

This time of year can be frustrating for both players and green keepers as works get underway, and greens can be slower than they were before a dressing, which feels like going backwards but patience and understanding over the next few weeks is appreciated while the course is worked on to turn it into a summer course once again.