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Date posted 11 Jun 2021

We are just seeing the greens and general golf course coming into full grass growth now that the night time temperatures have increased, which helps with new grass growth on bare areas but is a challenge to keep up with and to limit the amount of lying, cut grass.

Since the last update the wet weather has been relentless and so much that all of the irrigation was turned off over two weeks ago but still we have had some localised flooding in poorly drained areas due to the amount of rain that has fallen.

During May the greens were fertilised again twice and a selective weed killer was applied to them and we are just seeing the first signs of the weeds dying back, all in all it takes 2-3 weeks from application to weeds fully dying back. The weather has not been good enough and dry spells have been few and far between for us to be able to get a dressing onto the greens but the forecast looks better over the next fortnight and I’m confident that by early June this piece of work will be completed.

The tees are starting to respond to the heavy fertilising and with a lowering of the grass height they almost have to be cut daily, but are looking good and healthy. Fairways have remained fairly dry due to the early slitting works that took place and grass is growing very quickly and needs cutting continuously in order to keep within spec and reduce the lying grass cuttings.

June works include, re-draining works on the 3rd green to reduce the flooded area, nets to be installed and the bi-weekly rolling and spiking of the greens with the monthly fertilising and bio treatment

Weekly pest control takes place to reduce the rabbit population with roughly 20 removed each visit.