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Date posted 05 May 2021

We are very much behind where we should be with growth this year due to the low night and day temperatures and the lack of rain. On one hand the slow growth takes pressure off resources but on the other it slows the repair of the scars on the greens from fungal attacks in autumn and winter.

The greens and tees have been fertilised to promote growth but it is very sporadic and it is at this time of year that the predominate grass on the greens (Poa Annua) re seed making the sward look lighter than usual and compounding the present issue. I have mentioned in previous information that under normal circumstances it is early June that here at Panshanger the greens really take off and at that time we can reduce the height by the final millimetre and truly go into summer greens hopefully we will get some better temperatures so this can be achieved. Over May the greens will need smoothing again with another light dressing along with Bi weekly spiking and rolling to get them to summer quality. A selective weed killer will be applied to the greens once weeds really take of as it needs contact with leaf to activate and at present the weed growth on greens is light.

Tees were seeded and dressed in late April and hopefully the temperatures will rise soon to activate the seed. 

All in all a very slow start to the season but nature usually has a way of catching up