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International Women's Day is the day that we recognise women all over the world and we think it's about time you get to meet some the women that use our leisure centres.

To celebrate we asked some local people for their thoughts on sport, physical activity and their inspirations.


Name – Rizvana


Why do you exercise or play sport?

  • When I go to the gym, for a run or to a fitness class, I'm going for me.
  • Taking time out for myself and investing in self care which helps me to be a better parent, partner and person.  


In one word, tell me how exercising/playing sport makes your feel?

  • Fulfilled  


What’s your favourite way to exercise/favourite sport?

  • In a Core Stability class with Darren. It fulfils so many needs:
  • Physical – high intensity, pushing myself to try harder, not for anyone else but just for me, and seeing the results over the months.
  • Social – a chance to socialise with people who I may not have had an opportunity to meet otherwise; and the camaraderie between us.
  • Emotional – the sense of achievement after each session and the release of endorphins.


Who’s your sporting inspiration?

  • Serena Williams – for everything she has achieved, stereotype overcome, everything she represents. 
  • Women in sports are woefully underrepresented across the board. Whether that is because they are not targeted at a young age or they are not given the opportunity to access sports at local, national and international levels.
  • I think most people would struggle to name sportswomen of Asian heritage. I did not see anybody who looked like me in sport as I was growing up, and although that is changing slowly, there is still a lot of work to do.


Our This Girl Can sessions aim to inspire women to be happier, healthier and more active. Whether its fitness classes, swimming, or playing sports like badminton and basketball – you’re sure to find something for you.


Outside of the ‘This Girl Can’ programme, we also run a number of women-only sessions so everybody can learn new skills and get active.