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Swim Safely Rules

Please comply with the following rules:

  • Under 8’s and non swimmers under 16 must be accompanied by a competent adult swimmer.
  • No more than two under 8’s or non swimmers under 16 to each  competent adult swimmer.
  • The competent adult swimmer must actively supervise under 8’s and non swimmers under 16.
  • Under 8’s and all non swimmers must remain in shallow water
  • We strongly recommend under 8’s and all non swimmers use armbands and/or an appropriate buoyancy aid.

Advice to adult non swimmers

  • It is recommended that non swimmers over the age of 16 are accompanied in the water by a competent adult swimmer

How to love the water safely

When it comes to life skills, swimming appears high on the list. At Better, we want everyone to enjoy this fun and fulfiling activity. From keeping you active to relaxing the body and mind, you'll reap the many benefits from this fun and social activity. But before you begin to take the plunge, it's important to learn basic water skills that will help you swim safely at a swimming pool, the beach or outdoor swimming facility. Here's how you can help everyone swim in a safe and welcoming environment:

Look after non-swimmers

Please adhere to the ratio of two non-swimmers or under 8s to every competent adult swimmer. A competent adult swimmer must actively supervise under 8s and non-swimmers under 16 at all times. 

Can't swim?

Under 8 or can’t swim? Please adhere to shallow water and have a competent adult swimmer with you at all times. Armbands and/or appropriate buoyancy aids are strongly recommended for all under 8’s and non-swimmers

Listen to the lifeguards

Please listen to our qualified lifeguards. They’re experienced, trained and here to ensure everyone has a fun but safe time.

Swim healthy

If you’re not sure you’re fit enough to swim, please consult your doctor. It’s very important if you have any health problems to talk to your doctor before swimming and inform staff of any special requirements you may have.

Tummy troubles

Please do not swim if you have had an upset stomach within the last two weeks

Wait after eating

Avoid swimming within two hours of eating or if you are under the influence of alcohol, medication or anything else

What not to do

For your safety, running, bombing, back-diving, petting, fighting or using face masks and snorkels are not permitted

Check before you jump

Always check the water is clear if you intend to jump in the pool. Don’t push others in for a joke - this is very unsafe

Look out for signs

Diving is allowed in designated areas only – please look out for the signs

Wear appropriate clothing

All swimmers must wear clean swimwear – cut-off jeans and other improvised costumes are not allowed. Please follow our 'what to wear' guide below on appropriate swimwear or speak to a member of staff for advice.

Remember to shower

Please remember to shower before and after you swim

Keep your distance

Spectators can watch from the designated gallery/viewing area, not from the poolside

What to wear

What to wear when swimming

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