On Sunday 24th September, Better Lifeguard teams from across the country battled it out at the iconic London Aquatics Centre for the 15th annual Terry Gregory Lifeguard Competition.

A former employee, Terry was a popular member of staff, who worked as a lifeguard in the borough of Greenwich for several years, prior to his untimely passing in 2003. In Terry’s memory, Better lifeguarding teams complete a series of challenges each year – replicating real-life emergency scenarios.

As well as a written test, the competition saw 12 of our best teams from London East, London West, North, Central and Northern Ireland demonstrate their skills and knowledge in how to deal with a chemical spill, full CPR, lost children and a broken leg.

Alan Ritchie, National Pools and Water Safety Manager said: “It’s brilliant watching colleagues from across the country use their training to support this great event: it’s all about using their skills in the best possible way. The real thing gets easier if you’re practised. It’s always a lot of fun and a great social gathering too”.

The overall winner will be announced in early 2018 but the top three finishing teams - in no particular order, are: Grove/Shankill, Manchester and Rainbow.