Date posted 31 Oct 2019

Q - I’m an existing Better Leisure Centres user. How do I switch from the old to the new app?          

A - If you already have the old version of the app on your mobile, simply follow the below instructions:

1. Delete the existing Better Leisure Centres on your phone

2. Click here to go to either the Google Play Store or Apple Play Store

3. Search for "Better UK" if you're in the Apple Play Store

4. Click "Install"

5. Use the app for info and login using your existing online booking credentials to book. 

Q - How do I download the new app?
A - If you are an Android user, to visit the Google Play Store click here. If you are an Apple user, visit the App Store and search for “Better UK” or click here.
(If you are a customer at Better Gym Bournemouth, please do not download the app. You should receive an email with further instructions.  If you have not received information regarding this, please email us at

Q - My password doesn’t work/I’ve forgotten my password
A - Go to 'Make bookings' and select the “reset password” link under the password box in the login screen. Alternatively, click here to reset your password or contact the Customer Experience team via email at

Q - Why did I not receive an email to allow me to set my password?
A - In the first instance, please check your junk mail folder. If you have not received the email, contact the Customer Experience team via email at

Q - As an existing customer, will I need to register my account details again?
A - No. you will no longer require the previous app login. Simply use your existing online booking login details to sign in to the app as this is the only account you will need to use. To reset your online bookings password, click here.

Q - Can I use my existing online bookings account to book activities?
A - Yes. Once you have logged in using the new app for the first time (using your existing online booking login details), you won’t need to login again as the app will remember you. However, if you delete and reinstall the app, you will be required to login once when you first open the app.

Q - Will existing bookings made be available via the app once it has been updated?
A - Yes. All existing bookings will appear when you go to online bookings in the new app.

Q - I am a user of the existing app and I had favourite centres. With the new app, will I lose my favourite centres?
A - We’ve redesigned the home screen which means you will need to set up favourites again via its own dedicated screen. To get started, select the “find a centre” green tile located on the home screen.

Q - Can I use the app to get into my centre?
A - No. Your centre may not be currently set up to accept the electronic membership barcode. For centres that do accept electronic membership barcodes, please do the following:
Once you have logged in, your membership barcode will automatically appear in the app after pressing the small barcode icon at the top left of the screen. Tapping on this brings up your membership. You can now use the app instead of your membership card as an alternative way of gaining access to your centre. Please note that quick entry is not available at every facility as equipment varies across centres.

Q - Will I have to scan and save my membership card again to store it in the new app?
A - No. This is because we have changed the way the app works. Once you have logged in, your membership barcode will automatically be shown on the app, no need to do anything else.

Q - I’m not yet a customer, can I use the app?
A - Yes. Anyone can download the app and you can choose to register as a new user. Once you have registered and set your password, you will be able to book classes via the app straight away. Once you’ve logged in, you can also receive a complimentary day guest pass by selecting “Get guest pass” on the app home screen. You need to log in or register to make bookings.